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AOA sir i m 30 years old and my Penis size so small. I want to increase the length. is it possible easily?



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You will need a detailed evaluation. Kindly visit with your wife if you are married. Or alone if not my clinic is at doctors hospital 6-9 pm Monday to Friday 


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We have to know actual size of penis in erect position .If it is less than 4 inches then you need treatment.
We have tecniques to increase size and can also teach how satisfy a women despite having short penis .
Get an appointment and come to clinic


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its mean there are no medicine to increase the length.

1 year ago

Dr. Muhammad Haris Burki
Dr. Muhammad Haris Burki - Sexologist

MBBS, FECSM, PHD, WPA-CME (diploma)psy | Lahore | Book Appointment

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Medicine cannot help.There are some tecniques and instrument that can help.

1 year ago