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Patient Questions from Dr. Arbia Yousani Pt

Asking for Self, Female, 26 years old

Right Shoulder Pain

I have pain in my right shoulder from the last 6 months. Some say its cervical pain and others say its frozen shoulder. I have eaten medicines for painkiller but no improvement and the pain is worst at night I have hypothryodism as...

Asking for Self, Male, 32 years old

Elbow Movement Fix 90 Degree

My Elbow joint was damage due to tuberculosis , before 5 year now my elbow fix in 90 degree with little movement , so now i want movement improvement suggest me best doctor for Orthopaedic who's can treatment my joint.

Asking For Self, Male 27

Joints Hurt.

What does it mean ? Chronic joint pain with cracking sound but no swelling and no reddish spots. Knees, shoulder, neck and ankles are affected. backbone has no pain unless stomach hurts. I feel pressure type sensation as if my kn...

Asking for Self, Female, 32 years old

Lumbosacral Spine

Pain during sitting & too much pain in the back bone

Asking for Father, Male, 61 years old

Pain In Leg

Assalam u alikum Mere abu ki leg mn bht pain hai 1 month se jab bhi woh walk krte hain tu pain hta hai waisey sitting ya bending postion mn.nhn hota pain. pain pore leg mn move hta hai aur feet aur toes mn pullness aur jalan hte h...

Asking For Self, Male 27

Joint Pain In All Body

I had joint pain in my kneesI ignored it, now my all joints hurts include neck, I haven't gone for any doctor yet. It has been 10 years since my knees and neck are hurting but now shoulder ankles hurt as well. I feel no energy musc...

Asking For Husband, Male 38

Sciatica Detected

need treatment without surgery please elobrate or advise if this can be treated without surgery

Asking For Mother, Female 50

Left Leg Pain

Aoa.... meri mother ko 10 din ho gy left leg mai kafi pain ho rai hai... kafi checkup kerwaya but pain ruk nai Rahi....

Asking For Self, Male 30

Muscular Distrophy

muscular distrophy ky bry main help chaiye thi.

Asking For Someone else, Mother, Female, 66 Years old


Need female physio for my mother who can visit our home situated in fb area

Asking For Self, Female 26

Survical Pain

i have been sufrng from.survical pain..my neck shivers too much ..nd it sounds poping ..n i feel weakness whenever i dont take meal on time

Asking for Self, Female, 33 years old

Left And Right Hand Neck Pain

Mjhy 6 months sy neck and left hand m drd hai and lower back b or ab right hand m b kbhi hota hai drd plzzz guide kr den

Asking for Mother, Female, 48 years old

Knee Pain And Sickness

My mother is sick from 15 days due to her knee pain ..which is increasing day day and cause her sick.. i have also consult a doctor but they just gave us medicines ..but nothing happened

Asking For Self, Male 29

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Looking For Physical Therapist

i think i am facing pelvic floor dysfunction so looking for a physical therapist in karachi who can diagnose and treat it accordingly.

Asking For Self, Female 23

Blood Circulation Disorder

mery left side of head shoulder arm or leg mn 4 month sy pain hy or zyada tar ye side thandi rehti or paseena ajata..kbhi kbhi suffocation b feel hoti esa lagta k blood ki circulation nh hori...plz mjhy btayen mjhy konsy test krwan...

Asking For Self, Male 18


Assalam ou Alikum Doctors.I am 18 years old having weight 52kg. I am suffering from this type of posture problem as shown in picture. I want to get normal posture as other people have. So my questions are: 1. How can I get normal p...