Turkish Liver Transplant Services In Pakistan

The liver transplant procedure is when a patient’s defected liver is replaced with a new one. The new liver is either a donation from a deceased person or a part of a liver is used from someone who is alive. It should be clear that a liver donation can only be made in a case if the donor and receiver’s blood type matches. A liver from an unknown cannot be used. Our liver is the largest internal organ our body has.

*We do no offer donor services and our policies strictly follow the rules and regulations of both Pakistan and Turkey

Following are the situations in which one is recommended to get a liver transplant done:

  1. Liver failure due to Hepatitis B or C
  2. Alcoholic Liver
  3. Fatty liver 
  4. Cirrhosis 

Liver Transplant Recovery

According to the specialists, more than 70% of the people recover fully from the surgery.

The things you’ll be following are:

  1. 1-2 day stay in the Intensive Care Unit 
  2. 5-10 days in the hospital, under supervision
  3. Regular follow-ups
  4. 3-6 months until full recovery

Liver treatment requires aftercare which is not offered everywhere, if you get a treatment booked by us, we will provide you with a complete package including aftercare guarantee.

Liver Transplant Cost

Our Liver Transplant service which is going to be held in Turkey, costs around $35,000- $42,000 USD. It does not only include the transplant itself but has many more services. We offer: 1. Sponsored visa for two people 2. Airport drop-off till Pick up from the homeland airport 3. Hotel stay + food accommodation 4. Hospital stay 5. Translator (if required) 6. Transplant procedure and other medical requirements 7. Personal attendant

Best Doctors for Turkish Liver Transplant Services In Pakistan In Pakistan

These doctors are the top professionals of Turkey. They have been dealing with the liver transplant cases successfully.

Dr. Ahmet Burak Toros Checked Image

  • MD
  • Liver Specialist
  • Liver diseases
  • Liver cancer
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Istanbul
  • PKR 2000
  • Available on Call
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