Liver Transplant Procedure In Turkey

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A liver is the largest internal organ working, to keep us healthy and active. It helps to remove toxins from our blood, prevents infection and regulates the immune system. But if your liver is not healthy and you are experiencing something upsetting, that’s when you need to consider seeing a doctor. According to your condition, the doctor may recommend some treatments that can also include a liver transplant. Liver transplant is usually recommended for people who experience significant complications due to chronic liver disease. Moreover, sudden liver failure may occur. This is a surgical procedure that removes a liver that no longer functions properly (liver failure) and replaces it with a healthy liver from a living or deceased donor.

Liver Transplant Cost In Turkey In Comparison To India

If your doctor recommends a transplant, Marham is here to serve you with the foremost services. Travelling to Turkey can be your best decision as the doctors there are very competent and concerned about how people are treated and recovering. Turkey being our brother country, offers us multiple facilities all in the amount of what people pay in India for the treatment. In India, the cost you pay for the treatment usually includes visa and the services offered within the hospital only.

Whereas in Turkey, they offer a sponsored visa, air ticket for two people- you can bring along any other individual, accommodation along with breakfast and lunch for the days you stay there, it also includes the domestic travelling in air-conditioned/heated buses from airport to hotel and hospital or any other place required for the medical travelling, covers all the medical expenses and lastly welcome you with a wholehearted behaviour and commendable hospitality.

Liver treatment in turkey has become more convenient as their doctors are competent and updated about every development in the treatments as well as they have a strong grip over their field. Doctors there, make sure you recover in the best way and in a very well developed atmosphere following with their continuous concerns about how you are recovering even when you fly back home.

Types Of Liver Donor

Living donor transplant means the donor is a willing person and is alive. The person donates either the left or right side (lobe) of their liver. Split donation involves transplantation of a liver from a recently deceased individual who died due to a brain injury or any other accident. Their liver is mostly a gift to the deserving person from the hospital or the relatives of the deceased.

Liver Transplant Surgery Time

A liver transplant surgery time usually falls between four to eight hours depending on the situation of the patient. This treatment begins with the removal and preparation of the donor’s liver and implantation of the new organ. Liver contains several key connections that must be looked after for the new organ to receive blood flow and other functions and then the new liver is sewed in the recipient’s body: First, blood flow is re-established by connecting the donor’s and the recipient’s portal veins. Next, arterial flow is connected by sewing the donors and recipients hepatic arteries. Lastly, biliary drainage is achieved by sewing the donor’s and recipient’s common bile ducts and then finally incision is closed through stitches

What Are The Survival Chances?

According to a study, people who have a liver transplant have an 89% percent chance of living after one year. The five-year survival rate is 75%. Sometimes the transplanted liver can fail, or the original disease may return. It may also vary from the transplant centres you chose, considering turkey and their level of treatment, the success rate is higher than the usual treatment centres people opt for.

If You Give A Part Of Your Liver

A person does not die or fall ill if they give a part of their liver. A small percentage of liver transplants are completed each year using a portion of a healthy liver from a living donor. Living donation is possible because the liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself. Any adult may be able to donate a portion of their liver to a child or another adult. Denying all the myths, a liver donation is not a threat to the donor’s life.

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