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I am feeling pain in left side of my chest on 19-01-2018, I consult the doctor, he suggested ECG and he declared it is ok, he diagnoses it is a gastric issue and gave me the medicines 1) syrup: Dijex MP and 2) Capsules: Rabixin-20 (for 02 weeks), I have taking these medicines from last four days but the pain is still as previous. I am also feeling swelling near the shoulder upper side. Please diagnose what is the issue. Thanks you.

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Dr. Mansoor Nadeem

General Physician


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Dr. Nadia Inayat - General Physician

MBBS, MCPS (Family Medicine) | Karachi

Please have an ultrasound of whole abdomen. Maybe its gallbladder stone or fatty liver or any other cause. Then show me the report when ultrasoound is done.

Dr. Zeeshan Junejo - General Physician

MBBS, Diploma in Trauma Life Support | Islamabad

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Aoa, go to surgeon and show him your swelling.


Myking Son

Base on experience, when it comes to chest pain with no traces of the possible cause or causes and when all scans and x-ray turns out to be normal, then it becomes difficult to actually figure out any drug that can alleviate such pains. However, I was in this condition for so long, placed on so many different drugs ranging from acidity to liver correction drugs and many other kind. My doctor will tell me take these drugs and see me after 10 days, sometimes after 15 days and even with those drugs my pain got worsen and no remedy.

Something changed when I stumbled into (COD LIVER OIL), I started taking one coated capsule per day and the pain started to disappear. I have not taken up to 10 caps but the pain has reduced up to 99 percent. It was as if the drug help my body to start absorbing the calcium tablets and other medications i was taken before. My whole immune system gained much strength and my pains are no more. For those whose scans and blood test with X-ray appears to be normal... Go for COD LIVER OIL and see what becomes of the pain in the next 5 days.....
I am not a doctor but this is my experience and my doctors is happy now that my pains are gone after I shared my story on the outcome to taking COD LIVER OIL he said it is just vitamin A and D but since it working for you, you can continue using it. Try it out yourself and also help someone today in the same situation. I now have peace in my chest... Doctors can also evaluate. Thanks...

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