Chest Pain Right Side

She has pain on right side chest from tommorow took pain killers but did not get benefit Pain is not radiating



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Its usually not a good idea to sit home on chest pains guessing their origins. Having said that the causes can be:
Muscular or inflammatory which may settle with regular use of pain killers or muscle relaxants which I would strongly advise against without a proper diagnoses.
More deep (& one should be careful with viral influenza on the spread) like in the lungs or the pluera which would require a detailed history of cough, fever or breathing problems examination and maybe even x-ray and a blood test.
Right sided chest pains are rarely harbingers of any cardiac problems which are uncommon in pre-menopausal women but uncommon doesn't mean not possible. So a look in that direction wouldn't be unwise even if it reveals all to be well.
Long story short, you need to take mum to see a physician.


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I have taken her to general physian ,he gave her brufen and a optlitis just

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First do ecg to rule out any cardiac problem