ESR 25mm/h

hi, my mother has ESR equal to 25mm/h. The normal range is 20mm/h is women age less than 50. my mother is hypothyroid patient as well. is this higher ESR rate could be because of thyroid or there is something else we should worry about i.e god forbid cancer . please guide


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ESR is basically non specific test
it shows life span of different diseases
related to time n severity
and when actual treatment is followed the ESR will settle back to its normal range


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No it's not something to worry.If she has fever or weight loss or any other symptom should consult a doctor for assessment.


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ESR is normal for this age group.kindly do her thyroid function tests done and visit my clinic at Wilcare medical center Lahore Pakistan
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Please don't worry about this level of ESR at this age group however do complete blood count of the patient to look for anemia which is usually associated with hypothyroidism and can explain raised ESR. for proper evaluation and management you can have online appointment with me through Marham or can visit my clinic at Salma and Kafeel Medical Services 38-East Zahoor Plaza near D Chowk blue area Jinnah Avenue Islamabad