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Hi, I have been facing this problem from several months. first, my abdomen started to swollen, then I am having frequent loose stools no matter what I eat and it stays for weeks , with a pain in stomach. my Stool color is black or dark brown most of the time without taking any medicines. i am also suffering from another type of sharp pain, it starts from abdomen and then goes to rectum area, it gets severe sometimes and i can't move when this happen. no blood in stool. please suggest, i am much worried.


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Please have a gastroscopy done by a reliable Gastroenterologist. The black and dark brown stool can be a cause of upper GI Tract bleeding or hemorrhoids of the gastrointestinal Tract.
This shouldn't be taken lightly.

Hope this helps. Regards.


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kindly get your labs done after consulting a gastroenterologist. the color and consistency of stool is not normal. also you are having pain, better to see a doctor.


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Before going to have any sort of treatment or investigation, modify your eating habs;
Take more fluids
More vegetables with less oil
Boiled rice
Avoid spicy food
Avoid junk food
Small meals 4 time a day 4 hours apart
Fruits like banana
Avoid meat mutton chicken beans
Avoid self.medications
Take a very good sleep from 10pm to 6 am

Then go for whatever lab test advised to you

You can call @ 042-32591427,


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Hi I have got my blood cp and stool RE tests done.
no weight loss,
no blood in stool.

Clinical diganose is IBS abd stress/depression.

can this be one of the causes?

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