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I want to know do Glucophage helps in weight loss and harmonal balancing? Can one take it if have periods imbalance

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Only if your Dr prescribes

Dr. Ahsan Masood Khan - General Physician

MBBS, DCPS (HCSM) | Lahore

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Hahaha…that’s a lot of questions in one line. I am going to try and make the answer easy while giving you everything I know. But let me make this very clear that this is for your understanding only. You need to see an endocrinologist to prescribe usage of Glucophage and not just decide to take it on your own. All medicaments (medicines that should be used only on doctor prescriptions) are dangerous chemicals with risky side effects and you should not take them at your own or with piecemeal advice such as this.

Glucophage regulates blood sugar and therefore helps patients with sugar in three ways. (1) It reduces glucose absorption from intestine. (2) It reduces production of glucose by the liver & (3) It increases the sensitivity of body cells so they respond better to existing insulin in the system. Since Glucophage does not boost insulin production, it is considered safe as not to cause dangerous low blood sugars in the absence of diabetes.

Increased Insulin secretion is said to be a cause for obesity as it would move all sugar into cells rapidly or have it converted to fat and lower blood sugar causing the brain to think there is more need for food. Using Glucophage along with a diet low in sugars and exercise is said to cause low insulin secretion by increasing existing insulin sensitivity and thus decreasing sensations of hunger.

Once again, I am simplifying some complex concepts for your understanding only and there are a lot of “ifs” and “buts” involved so just clarify your concept and do not take self-medication decisions based on this.

One of the causes of hormonal imbalances and abnormal periods in women is Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome abbreviated as PCOS. Abnormal periods can also be caused by obesity itself. It is imperative that before we start treating abnormal periods with anything, a proper diagnosis is made as to why they are occurring.
Having said that, many patients of PCOS are being considered to be treated with Glucophage because about 60% to 70% of these patients reportedly have Insulin Resistance. Giving them a drug that improves body sensitivity to Insulin makes sense and has been shown to decrease resultant signs and symptoms of PCOS like acne, hirsutism, irregular periods etc.

Lets conclude all of this now in simple English:
1. Yes Glucophage is prescribed in some patients to assist in weight loss.
2. Yes Glucophage has a role to play in certain females having hormonal imbalances and abnormal periods due to a condition called PCOS
3. No all women with abnormal periods do not have hormonal imbalances
4. No all women with abnormal periods and/or hormonal imbalances do not have PCOS nor would they benefit from Glucophage.
5. Never use medicament based on such information and without the supervision of a qualified doctor.

I hope this helps

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