Meningioma Or Cavernoma


Hello Drs, I am a PhD student and 35 yrs old. My blood pressure raised to 184/124. In my CT-Brain report the doctors concluded that "Extra axial enhancing multilobulated lesion with mild local mass effect. It may represent a meninjoma. Differentials include cavernoma" . The size was observed at right temporal region measuring about 1.2 by 2.1 by 2 cm. Only CT brain has been taken, without any biopsy of brain. Until now, I am not feeling any type of severe pain, except pain in my legs, and my back side. no signs of memory loss, vomiting or severe weakness. but my blood pressure is 140/100. I have conducted heart CT scan as well and it is fully normal. Can anyone suggest me a good neurosurgeon in Pakistan or Malaysia. Currently studying Malaysia but want to come to Pakistan for treatment. Here, In Malaysia Doctors have suggested robotic surgery but because of high cost, I cannot do it in Malaysia.


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Dr Faraz NS
DHQ hospital Rawalpindi


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really your post certainly isn't reflective of your claims by the way CT is showing cranium not C spine and SOL is very clearly marked.Its very disturbing for patient and to misguide someone when they need support is very unprofessional



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Dear bro
Where do u live in Pakistan?I mean big cities here all have best neurosurgeons. You can find them easily on net. You can contact dr Ikram on Marham at drs hospital Lahore. He may tell best next step. He is neurologist or contact dr Adnan at services hospital Lahore Also at Karachi Jinnah post graduate for cyber knife. At Karachi it is by govt with minimal charges.


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Salaam, I am living in Peshawar

9 months ago


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you need to have an online appointment for detail history and detail examination. you can get yourself reviwed from you home.

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