Pain On Face

I have pain on left side of my face near jaw bone. I dont know if its on the bone or skin near jaw bone. Pain is only at one small point and is not very painful. but im having difficulty moving my face extreme right. I didnt have any injuries on face.


Dear patient
Do u have any history of gum infection or trauma to face? Is this 1st time you are experience such pain?


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No history of gum issues
No previous face trauma
Tha pain increases on touch otherwise its minute in intensity.
I dont have my wisdom teeth grown yet.

1 year ago

Dr. Syed Hammad Hassan Kazmi

Kindly contact on given mail or number for further history
Dr.Syed Hammad Hassan Kazmi

1 year ago


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Aoa suggest you get yourself examined by a competent physician who will diagnose and then treat


i think u should get urself examined for that then cause can be known.


DrNaeem Chaudry

very difficult to diagnose on net

so plz get yourself examined


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U need to show to neurologist.