Vitamin D Deficiency

I have vitamin d defeciency with level 12.5 and i hve pain in neck and shoulder. From last four month facing late period prblm and vaginal yeast infection. Kindly guide me. i m taking medicine since last year bt no improvment.Whether is it all due to defciency ? Kindly recommend me


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you have visited your gynecologist ? and orthopedic surg ?


Vitamin D levels do not explain your late period and vaginal infections. Vitamin D defiency can cause body aches and pain. Its unclear from what u have written what medicine you have taken and for what problem. Its better to see a gynecologist for your problems


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i agree with Dr Ghalibs comments.along with vit d levels please arrange bloods for calcium , PTH and alkaline phosphate.given very low vit d levels and if rest of investigations are satisfactory you need high dose oral/im vit d supplements along with good sun exposure.Your gynaecological issues seems totally non relevant though candida infection of genital tract in female are common and can be treated with oral Fluconazole 50 mg cap one/day x 7 days if there is no provision of topical local cream of cotrimazole.if this doesn't cure problem you will need swabs .
i hope this helps
Dr Kashif I jaz Ahmad
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