Pilondial Cyst

I have problem of Cyst on my back at upper side middle of Buttocks.. It is very painful. please suggest me treatment with medication as i have 4th time Cyst on my back last year it was normal but this time it is very painful and big in size is there any treatment without surgery..


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Well as u told the symptoms Excision with secondary healing is the best
option . no medicine will work


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U can visit Hameed Latif Hosp on Monday at 6 pm
It has to be removed
Let me have a look


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Dear it's pilonidal sinus probably. Repeated recurrence and pain suggests
it should be only remedied by a proper surgical procedure.
Thanks for the consult
Shahzad Alam


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The only successful and permanent treatment for a pilonidal sinus is
surgical removal of the entire sinus complex. This can be done using
minimally invasive (endoscopic) techniques. There is no medical cure. If
intetested, you can schedule an appointment by calling 042-32591427, .


Salam... It s promptly removed and u become free of pain.... U can call for
treatment detailed at 042-32591427, 042-32591427,


Aemoo Khan

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