Right Kidney Became Small With 10.1 Creatinine.

No pain in kidneys but some signs of fatigue. Low HB level. On tests, it showed small right kidney. I was told that it was stage 1 kidney problem. I have consulted you with medical files to ask whether my disease is reverseble. Can I be treated without transplantation. Doctors have suggested transplantation.


Yasir Hussain

kindly ist understand your problem.both kidneys are small means not working. second you need kidney replacement which mean either you have to go for transplant or dialysis. choice is yours. but you need to get full knowledge about the disease and its treatment. at the moment 4 options are there,transplant,hemodialysis,peritoneal dialysis and conservative.
honestly transplant is best.
consult your nephrologist and discuss your problems. nephrologist will help you a lot but you have make desicion yourself.


MBBS, FCPS | Multan

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This patient has end stage kidney disease and needs renal replacement in the form of hemodialysis or renal transplant, the beter option is transplant


MBBS (Gold Medalist), MCPS (Medicine), FCPS (Nephrology), Sub Specialization in Kidney Transplantation (UK) | Peshawar

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Dear Saifullah 

Unfortunately your both kidneys are small in size and the high level of creatinine along with low Hb are suggestive of chronic kidney disease. But as is suggested in the ultrasound done  in afghanistan that IVP will be needed to see the function it is totally
wrong (there is no need of IVP in your case ) .

Your tests need to be repeated and if it remains the same then yes the best treatment for  you would be to get live related kidney transplant . 


Consultant Nephrologist & Kidney Transplant Physician 

Northwest General Hospital Peshawar  

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Dear Dr. Sartaj Alam,
No pain in kidneys but some signs of fatigue. Low HB level.


MBBS, FCPS | Karachi

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u need to repeat an ultrasound kidneys from a better authentic place,do visit me or any nephrologist