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hello Marhams doctors i am very hopefully write because your answer insipire All poeple i hope you help me too pleas help me my weight is 70 and height is 5.7-8 and i have constipation 2,3 days common to past year i tried to much method but my weight is gain i want to loose my weight Till march my wedding is in march pleas Help me i have to much thighs arms hip and lower belly fat but my face is thin pleas help me????


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your ideal weight should be 60kg so you should reduce 10kg. since you have constipation also so it is suggested to follow a customized diet plan which should help you reduce weight and relieve your constipation. I prepare diet plans for weight loss which help you reduce 8-12kg in one month. since a diet plan is prepared after detailed interview regarding eating habits, food likes and dislikes and daily physical activity level so it is suggested to book an appointment via marham for online consultancy or visit clinic at Islamabad. you can book an appointment by calling on 042-32591427,


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take 1 fig soked in half glass of water overnight have it on empty stomach for your constipation. first of all ypu should to cure your constipation problem then start a healty diet plan ....


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kindly share your dietary routine, exercise routine and water intake.
For constipation, increase your fibre intake along with 8- 10 glasses of water.
Excess fat on your arms thighs hip and lower belly is an indication of pear obesity. Avoid caffeine, starchy foods and do more specific exercise. You can consult online for diet plan and exercise pattern.


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eat lots of vegetables for constipation.. for healthy weight loss..control your portion sizes rather than skipping meals..in order to contour your body..join gym