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Asking For Self, Female 20, lahore

Actually my height is 5.4 and weight 45. i am thin and weak by stomach and some backbone and legs pain. so i wanted to ask that can i do daily excercise for fitness from youtube videos without any doctors consultation ??? answer plz

General Physician in Khanewal - Dr. M Sanaullah Qureshi

Dr. M Sanaullah Qureshi - General Physician

MBBS, RMP | Khanewal


263 Positive Reviews

detailed history needed for better outcome

Book appointment online or call at
042-32591427, 427, 042-32591427, 427,

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ur issue would be resolved IA

Physiotherapist in Khushab - Dr. Muhammad Mehran Rafiq Pt

Dr. Muhammad Mehran Rafiq Pt - Physiotherapist

DPT, MPPTA | Khushab


18 Positive Reviews


Physiotherapist in Lahore - M. Awais Rasheed

M. Awais Rasheed - Physiotherapist

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) | Lahore


9 Positive Reviews

kindly consult a dietitian it will be better for u

Physiotherapist in Sahiwal - Dr. Naila Yasmin

Dr. Naila Yasmin - Physiotherapist

DPT , MSNMPT | Sahiwal


23 Positive Reviews

Detailed history required

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Dr. Javaria Malik Pt

Dr. Javaria Malik Pt - Physiotherapist

BSc (Physiotherapy) , MPhil (Muscular Skeleton) | Lahore

fitness exercise can't do without consultation bec ist to sort out why you have pain in your legs and back bec may b exercise you try can worsen pain.

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Maryam Asif

Maryam Asif - Physiotherapist

DPT | Lahore


6 Positive Reviews

Better to go with a multidisciplinary approach. Consult a dietitian/nutritionist for a customised diet chart. Also consult a physiotherapist for accurate exercise plan according to your body. Sometimes on YouTube, you don’t get what your body wants. So it’s better to consult first. If you want to consult with me, you can easily contact me through marham.

Member of Marham-Forum

First you have to control your diet so go to Nutritionist take diet chart and then consult physiotherapist. This help you alote and reduce your weight.

Physiotherapist in Peshawar - Dr. Amjad Ali

Dr. Amjad Ali - Physiotherapist

DPT | Peshawar


4 Positive Reviews

no never

Physiotherapist in Pakpattan - Talib Hussain

Talib Hussain - Physiotherapist

DPT | Pakpattan


4 Positive Reviews

Exercises should always be prescribed by a Physiotherapist.

Physiotherapist in Faisalabad - Dr. Ali Husnain

Dr. Ali Husnain - Physiotherapist

| DPT | Diplomate (Sports Medicine) | | Faisalabad


4 Positive Reviews

YOU Should Consult A Nutritionist and physiotherapist physically to better assess and understand your condition

Physiotherapist in Karachi - Syed Adeel Ali Subzwari

Syed Adeel Ali Subzwari - Physiotherapist

| BS Physiotherapy | Masters | | Karachi

No you should consultant a physiotherapist first than he will teach you exercises that are suitable for you according to your condition..

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Dr. Mehak Fatima

you need to gain a weight. at least till 50 kg. minimize your exercises as the low weight can somehow make your body to go in fatigue. eat healthy. have juices.

Physiotherapist in Islamabad - Dr. Muhammad Jahanzaib Pt

start to take multi vitamin like tab.surbex Z, then do ur generalized body stretches exercises ,then should go for strengthening

Physiotherapist in Swat - Ilyas Khan

you need Nutritionist for your problem

Physiotherapist in Rawalpindi - Dr. Aoun Shehryar Shah

Dr. Aoun Shehryar Shah - Physiotherapist

DPT(Doctor of Physical Therapy), Diploma (Neuromuscular Skeletal Physiotherapy) | Rawalpindi


35 Positive Reviews

exercises without any recommendations might be unable to provide desired outcomes

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Idrees Ahmed  Pt

Idrees Ahmed Pt - Physiotherapist

DPT , Masters in Orthopedics | Lahore


10 Positive Reviews

need complete consultation.

Physiotherapist in Quetta - Dr. Humna Shahzad Pt

no! you have to consult a doctor first for proper diagnosis after that do what he/she suggest you to do. consultation is important for understanding your weaknesses.

Physiotherapist in Karachi - Mahrukh Mehmood Pt

Mahrukh Mehmood Pt - Physiotherapist

BS-DPT | Karachi


3 Positive Reviews

no u can't
as every excercise is not for everyone it varies.
so u should consult to rule out ur actual issue.

Physiotherapist in Mandi Bahauddin - Dr. Rida Fatima

Dr. Rida Fatima - Physiotherapist

DPT , MS-WHPT | Mandi Bahauddin


33 Positive Reviews

AoA you should get consultation with some nutritionist that will give you proper plan to manage your weakness and weight gain as well.

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Dr. Fatima Niazi

Dr. Fatima Niazi - Physiotherapist

BSPT (Pb),TDPT/M.Phil. (KEMU), MS Orthopedic , Manual Physical Therapy (RIU) Chiropractor , Certificate In Manual Therapy (Spine) | Lahore


297 Positive Reviews

all you tube videos exercises are not for everyone

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Dr. Gulfam Akhtar Pt

exercises plans vary depending upon condition of patients.
or visit me at Raffah-e-Am hospital shadbagh Lahore 7pm-10pm

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Ms Saira

Ms Saira - Physiotherapist

DPT | Lahore


5 Positive Reviews

you need proper check up and proper diagnostic reports

Physiotherapist in Islamabad - Dr. Aamer Naeem Physiotherapist

Dr. Aamer Naeem Physiotherapist - Physiotherapist

| DPT | Masters (Orthopedic Manual Therapy) | Phd (Rehabilitation Sciences) | | Islamabad


35 Positive Reviews

its better that you are first assessed by some specialist and he/she recommends exercises according to your needs

Physiotherapist in Lahore - Allah Nawaz

Dear Patient you must use the multivitamin for the general weakness. i.e Vitamin D with the Combination of Calcium.Then for the poor stomach performance you must use use Risek Insta powder for oral suspenion. But first you must consult a Physiotherapist for the proper guidelines of exercises. If you want to consult me then you can book an appointment by this platform

Physiotherapist in Gojra - Uneeb Ur Rehman

Uneeb Ur Rehman - Physiotherapist

| DPT | | Gojra


2 Positive Reviews

Absolutely not, First consult your physiotherapist and then start exercise

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