hello.My sister got married in november 2017.her husband got dies in feb just after 2 months of her marriage.we didnt know that her husband was sick before marriage.after getting married she saw soo many symtoms of illness nose bleeding some more other problem serious one year is past but she still cant move her self and whenever something happens to her she says i will what should we do..really need your help.


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Thank you very much for consulting me. The problem your sister is facing appears to be quite grave. I will suggest you to take her in person to a consultant Psychiatrist in your city for complete evaluation, investigations , drug treatment & Psychological intervention.


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Asa....Dr Qamber is right ...Its better to consult Psychiatrist here in can book appointment of any Psychiatrist via Marham app....


In my opinion she is suffering from conversion disorder underlying depression.She needs hospitalization for assessment and treatment.


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Hey there.What i can gather from the details you have provided is that she has undergone a grief reaction possibly prolonged and currently manifesting as a depressive episode with predominant somatic symptoms. She needs professional help without further delay. Regards.


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Hey there,
What i gather from the details you have provided is that she has possibly gone through a prolonged grief reaction & is now presenting with depression with predominant physical symptoms. She needs professional help as early as possible. Regards.


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sorry for late reply, I think the sufficient answered has been given, as per history is suggestive that her husband has died just after 2 months of marriage it is quite shocking and grief reaction is inevitable but as per said that the guy was never fine and has something with him before marriage, this thing reflects that the patient has history of depression which she has faced soon after marriage, so it is advisable to visit a psychiatrist to understand the case via detailed history and can be managed properly. thanks regards

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