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salam im having anexity n depression after my 1 child although i tried to manage my anexity but my depression is getting worst bcoz of my headache problem i feel heache all the time cant even walk for long time feel deziness... get tired so quickly always fatigue n headace n i also gaining lots of weight... i eat a lot still dont feel satisfied n some time i dont want to eat anything but then i feel so low then i take something.... i m not understanding my situation... my hemoglobin is ok n i also do my ct scan last year 4 my headace dat was also ok but still my headache n deziness getting worse plz help me wht should i mother of 2 child im not able to take care of them in dis situation.... one more thing some time i feel constipation n after passing stool i feel so low like no energy my feet gets num...n i feel sleepy


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go for CBT(cognitive behaviour therapy)
u may contct me to help u out in this regard.
contct at 042-32591427,


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Ist thing visit gastroentrologist for ur constipation issue.
Ur headache nd dizziness may be due to two things ..
physiological reason (consult gastroentrologist)
Psychological reason ( anzoety and depression)

For managing anxiety and depression i can manage online skype sessions. For
appt, u plz call at whatsapp 042-32591427,

Ill guide u accordingly.


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It seems you have post partum depression(depression after child birth) and anxiety .Sometimes woman with post partum depression has bipolar depression.Have you ever had manic symptoms like lack of sleep increased energy ,talkativeness ,buying sprees etcYou may also  have tension headache .You can contact me for evaluation and treatment.You will be alright if you get right diagnosis and treatment. Thx


wassalam dear
these are signs of depression (in case you recently delivered baby it
postpartum depression) however appropriate assessment is needed for the
diagnosis also psychotherapy can help you to overcome your situation.till
then i would suggest you not to put your self in isolation and try to eat
you can google or search on Youtube about (MINDFUL EATING) this technique
will help you to manage your food cravings. and for dizziness you may find
( DEEP BREATHING ) technique helpful for your condition but this is a
temporary solution do visit Global rehab Centre located at model town link
road lahore or call )042-32591427, 042-32591427, .


Hasan Aman


Sorry to hear that you are suffering.

In my opinion you should get your blood pressure checked regularly for atleast 7 days continuously or get a 24 hours blood pressure monitor fitted to make sure that blood pressure is not high. I understand your CT scan and Hb were normal. You should also get TSH ( thyroid function test ).

Your appear to suffer from post natal depression & mild to moderate anxiety and if above test are normal your headache is a biological symptoms of depression. Excessive over eating / comfort eating is quite common in depression.

Depression needs treatment by CBT + medication.

Best wishes

Dr Hasan Aman

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