I'm Sad, Depressed, And It's Eating Me Up.

My age is 27. I have been married for 1.5 years but I just can’t forget my girlfriend. I fell in love with a girl and one day it was all over because, unfortunately, she cheated me. After few months of our breakup, I married with a girl in our family (arrange). She is a nice, average looking girl but I hardly feel sexually aroused with her. We only do sex 2-3 times/month and I have to take a capsule given by my friend before sex to keep my erection hard enough to penetrate. I do suspect the capsule has Viagra (or any other prescription drug), that’s why I stopped taking it. I thought I have ED, but I do get very hard morning erections. I also feel sexually aroused whenever I think about my ex-girlfriend. However, no same feelings for my wife, even I want to have same feelings. I never thought I would be a sad, depressed guy at the age of 27 and it’s eating me up. My ex. is on my senses and it’s killing me. I am living a traumatic life but have to fake happiness. Please help.


tab we?lburtin 150mg ek subah ko cap homtamin ginseng ek rat ko for 1 month


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watever you have written it clearly states that you are undergoing
sadnesss. sometimes we are unable to control our emotions towards someone.
its natural
is it possiblefor you to see clinical psycholgist for your counselling
these are very important.
plus medication.
please start tablet Excite cr 25 mg
once daily.
take three weeks and let me know!