Knee Disorder

My mother is facing severe pain in knee. There is also swelling in it.. I am attaching x-ray of her knee.. Plz check it


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I would like to see the patient because x ray finding does correlate linearly. X ray does not look bad.


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is this X-ray in standing position?
she has no significant finding on this xray. see an orthopaedic doctor for treatment


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She is having severe pain in it.acobel injection lagway hain.. Waktee pain rukte he.. No it is not in standing position


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Pleas bring her to my office, she will need proper evaluation and treatment


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thank you for providing info regarding your mother knee problem. this is likely related to osteoarthritis or sometime calcium deposits in the knee cause pain. she has good knee joint space. she should respond to treatment well although she may need an knee injection. she should have good recovery. I would advise a review.