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Disc Degeneration - Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Disc Degeneration in Urdu

یہ ریڑھ کی ہڈی کی تکلیف ہے۔ ورٹیبرل ڈسک ریڑھ کی ہڈیوں کے بیچ میں موجود ہوتی ہیں اور یہ آپ کی کمر کو ہلنے جلنے میں لچک فراہم کرتی ہیں۔ وقت اور عمر کے ساتھ ان میں ہونے والی تبدیلیوں اور نقصان سے ہلنےجلنے میں دشواری پیش آ سکتی ہے۔

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Summary about Disc Degeneration in English

Spinal disks are like cushions between bones of the spine. These make movement smooth and avoid friction between bones while movement. It is because of these that you can bend and twist and your back stays flexible. Degeneration and damage to these disks result in pain upon movement of the spine. With age disks of every person go through wear and tear but not everyone experiences pain and discomfort. If you are in pain due to this you have a disease called degenerative disc disease. 

Symptoms of Disc Degeneration

A most common symptom of this disease is pain but the exact location of pain may differ in every person according to the location of the disk which is damaged. Generally, the pain in this condition comes and goes, gets better upon changing position, is worse when at rest and gets better as you start walking, also bending or twisting may aggravate the symptoms. Some people may also experience numbness of arms and legs that is the case when the nearby nerves get affected by this problem. 

Causes of Disc Degeneration

Degenerative disc disease can result from drying out of the spinal disks. Loss of fluid decreases their capacity to absorb shock and thinning of disks as well. Pressure or injuries can lead to small cracks and in some cases, nearby nerves may get affected or disk may bulge and slip out of place leading to a condition termed as a herniated disc. 

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