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Summary about Growth Disorders

A growth disorder is a failure to grow according to realistic expectations. There are several kinds so growth disorders and each has its own underlying reasons and causes. Growth disorders can depict in stunted growth of a child, late development of secondary sexual; characteristics and falling short in height. Growth disorders can be due to lack of balanced nutrition, genetic tendencies, or due to diseases and hormonal imbalances. To successfully treat a growth disorder it is important to recognize it on time and deal with it as per healthcare professionals guidelines. 

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Symptoms of Growth Disorders

Growth disorders are recognized by symptoms like short stature for age, too little weight, delayed or no development of secondary sexual characteristics after a certain age. Slow than normal growth of a child is alo termed as a growth disorder. 

Causes of Growth Disorders

What are the causes of growth disorders? The cause of growth disorder varies with every growth disorder.  Below are the probable causes of growth disorders listed:

  1. Familial short stature is one of the forms of growth disorders that refers to the inherited short stature of kids.
  2. Constitutional delay in growth and delayed adolescence is another form of growth disorder where the affected kid although grows at the average rate but experiences a delay in the onset of puberty. 
  3. Systemic diseases such as heart problems, lung diseases, poor absorption in the GI tract, kidney disorders, diabetes, and stress can cause a delay in growth and development. 
  4. Endocrinal abnormalities are another major cause of growth disorders. Adequate production of hormones from adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary glands are necessary for optimal growth and development. Any disorder or decrease in the concentration of these hormones can result in growth abnormalities. 
  5. Congenital problems also contribute to growth disorders. Conditions such as intrauterine growth restriction and chromosomal abnormalities also lead to growth disorders.

Types of Growth Disorders

Growth disorders can be of following types:

  • Constitutional growth disorders
  • Congenital growth disorders
  • Familial growth disorders
  • Genetic growth disorders 
  • Growth hormone deficiency 
  • Noonan syndrome 
  • Prader-Willi syndrome 
  • Idiopathic short stature

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