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Pituitary Gland Disorders - Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

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Summary about Pituitary Gland Disorders

Pituitary gland disorders occur when the pituitary gland overproduces or underproduces a particular hormone. Overproduction of hormones will cause hyperpituitarism whereas underproduction will lead to hypopituitarism. A pituitary tumor is the most common cause of these problems. The majority of pituitary tumors are benign (non-cancerous). However, a tumor that grows on or near the pituitary gland has the potential to cause:

  • Weight gain, stunted or excessive growth, high blood pressure, low sex drive, or mood changes are all symptoms of hormonal changes.
  • Vision problems or headaches by pressing against the pituitary gland, optic nerves, or brain tissue.

Pituitary Gland Disorders Facts and Figures

According to research about hormonal disorders, the most common pituitary disease is pituitary adenomas. It is crucial to detect such disorders early and treat them as soon as possible since they can produce mass effects. Some further facts and statistics about pituitary gland disorders are given below:

Chances of Pituitary Adenomas  1 case/865-2688 people
Common inAdults and older adults
At-Risk GenderMales and females both 
Problems related to Pituitary Gland Disorders Weight gain, stunted growth, fatigue, hair fall
Specialists Who Treat Pituitary Gland Disorders Endocrinologists

Symptoms of Pituitary Gland Disorders

Following are the symptoms of pituitary gland disorders:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • diabetes
  • loss of hair
  • irregularity in menstruation
  • low libido
  • unexplained weight gain
  • breast milk production 

Causes of Pituitary Gland Disorders

Pituitary tumors that aren't cancerous are the most common cause of pituitary problems. Tumors can cause your body to produce too much or too little hormone, resulting in a condition called acromegaly. Pituitary gland disorders can also be caused by the following factors:

  • Injuries to the head
  • Bleeding from the pituitary gland or near it
  • Some cancer medications and treatments

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Preventive Measures of Pituitary Gland Disorders

Many types of cancer can be prevented by making certain lifestyle changes, such as staying at a healthy weight or quitting smoking. However, no known outside risk factors have been linked to pituitary tumors. As a result, there is currently no known way to prevent these tumors.

Treatment for Pituitary Gland Disorders

Pituitary gland disorders are treated by:

  • medication/drug therapy
  • radiation therapy
  • surgery

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