Blood Platelet Count Low

I have done my CBC Test. No Medical issue just done randomly but my Blood Platelets are a little bit low as per normal. its 139 and reference values are 150-400



I will advice you to repeat the test from shoukat khanum first



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Before we start vetting alarmed about minor variations (or even major variations) in lab reports we need to understand that all labs carry a risk of faulty reports and internationally minor errors are expected and therefore tests are repeated. This can occur due to human error, kit expiry, improper refrigeration, dilution errors due to calibrations, machine errors due to calibration and a host of other reasons that cannot be explained in a short answer.
Another thing is understanding how we set normals. A normal value means that about 95% population of normal people will have test results in this range. Which again means that about 2.5% of NORMAL people will have results lower than normal and 2.5% will have results higher than normal. It doesn't mean they are sick. It only means that their normal is different.
Lastly you need to understand that your body is a dynamic organism always repairing itself, giving rest to certain areas at time when there performance is not needed etc. Sometimes therefore you can show slight variations that settle by themselves in one to two weeks.
To be sure that it is not a lab error, you can repeat the test from a different lab. Zinis is a very reputable lab and there are many others so you can choose any good lab.
To be sure its not you, you may repeat the test in two weeks time to see if the values go back into normal range.
If both performances do not show change, get a general physical exam done by a physician. If that is OK too, make sure you remwmber to tell your doctors each time you visit that your normal platelet count is low and keep checking it every six months or yearly.
My teacher used to say treat the patient not the x-ray or lab machine so my advics to you is "Relax"


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Have you ever done this CBC & ESR before? If yes then when? Compare platelets count with current report, if its around the same value then don't worry. Some people by default has a little less count of platelets than normal without any disease & that is normal. But if you don't have any previous report to compare then i would advise you to repeat the test (CBC & ESR) from some other good/authentic lab & then share the result.


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Please get the test done from shaukat Khanum or Agha khAn labs
Low platelets are secondary to fever, use of antibiotics and pain killers etc.
need detailed history and examination