Pain In Foot


feeling too much pain in foot having swear pain in joints.


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how is her uric acid ??


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Check uric acid and vit d levels


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for how long? which joints.A detailed examination and workup is required for your problemVisit a physician or rheumatologist.


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plz visit my clinic at Wilcare medical center Lahore 2-5 pm
Asaaf Hospital johar town 7-10pm


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kindly done her vitamin D,calciumand uric acid tests.also it need full evalutaion of joints and duration of pain.whether it is more in morning or evening?how much time it will take to get better?in which positions or posture it get better?


which joints are involved? is it accompanied with swelling as well. probably get your uric acid and vitamin D levels checked and consult a doctor for further evaluation.


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Consult a doctor physically and
Lab investigation; RA factor, serum uric acid level and X ray of the affected joint(s) , better to take the result of these investigatios along with you.


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you need to have an online appointment for detail history and detail examination. you can get yourself reviwed from you home.

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