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Assalamoalikum dr. my baby is 3months and he is on ebf. I have heard k mother house bhi khaegi wohi baby pe effect krta hai like my baby having cough tou my mother in law said avoid rice, shakes, juices etc. is it true or just myth? and I am 26yrs I want to lose weight on healthy way... me all day, boiled eggs, without sugar tea, fruits, salads 3glass of milk, 8-10 glasses of water, nuts , green tea and 2wholw wheat chapati leti hun is it good diet?


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no I don't want to share on group. there are some family member in group. if someone can post this as anonymous?

2 years ago

Muhammad Israr Khan - Dietitian/Nutritionist

PHD in Human Nutrition | Islamabad

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There is no food that when mother eats effects badly the baby. In other words, whatever the mother eats, does not effect baby. You can eat whatever you like.

Dr. Shehla Javed - Dietitian/Nutritionist

MBBS, DTM, H(UK), DCH | Lahore

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Dear is your baby only on breast milk , how many nuts you take , what do you take with chapatti   I think two is little on higher side , and what is your weight


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I usually take one cup tea without sugar, two boiled eggs at
11am:one glass of milk
1pm : one apple and one orange
3pm: some nuts like 10-12almonds, 8-10 walnuts
6pm: one granola bar made of oats
8pm: two chapati along with any gravy (chicken, mix vegetables)
10pm: green tea
11.30: one glass of milk
my weigh is 87
age 26
and yes my baby is ebf
kindly guide is it right diet ?

2 years ago

Sana Qamar - Dietitian/Nutritionist

BS (hons), PGD in food and nutrition | Lahore

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you can contact me for healthy eating plan with proper timings and quantity . just make a call o this number 042-32591427,

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