Weight Loss As A Nursing Mom

Dr Mohammad israr can I loose weight while feeding my baby? I need / want to loose weight but when I stop / cut down my food intake' my milk flow is decreased' that's y I can't follow any diet plan. So can u help me in reducing my weight? I m 90 kg.my baby is 3 months old. also need some motivation.


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Weight loss in nursing mothers require special attention and expertise because it is very important for a mother to take some nutrients like calcium, zinc and proteins etc on regular basis. If you stop eating foods and reduce eating, it may ham you and your baby and may harm you because you are putting extra stress over your body. During weight loss, the body of a nursing mother needs balanced foods and nutrients and for that purpose, you need to follow a complete diet plan. We can prepare a diet plan for you which will help you reduce 8-12kg in one month. A diet plan is a document that suggests you food, its timing, quantity, preparation and some exercises. A diet plan is prepared after detailed interview regarding eating habits, food likes and dislikes and daily physical activity level. For further details, you can call our nutritionist on 042-32591427, 042-32591427, , 042-32591427, or 042-32591427, . You can also visit our website www.diet-planners.com and www.facebook.com/dietplannerpk