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Gestational Trophoblastic Disease - Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Gestational Trophoblastic Disease in Urdu

یہ خواتین کومتاثر کرنے والا ایک کینسر ہے جو کہ رحم کو متاثر کرتا ہے۔ یہ عام طور پر پھیلتا نہیں ہے اور جسم کر دوسرے حصوں کو متاثر نہیں کرتا۔

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Summary about Gestational Trophoblastic Disease in English

Tumors can develop throughout the body and develop when the body cells grow uncontrollably. Some tumors may contain cancer cells. Cells from almost any part of the body can become cancerous and spread to other parts of the body. Gestational trophoblasts are (GTD) is a group of rare tumors that affect the abnormal growth of cells in a woman's uterus. GTD does not develop from uterine cells such as cervical cancer or endometrial cancer. Instead, these tumors begin in cells that would normally grow in the placenta during pregnancy. GTD begins in the cell layer, the so-called trophoblast, which normally surrounds an embryo. In early normal development, the trophoblast cells form small protrusions similar to the fingers, referred to as villi. The villi develop in the uterine lining. Over time, the trophoblast layer, the organ that protects and nourishes the growing fetus, develops in the placenta. Most of the cells of the GTD are not penetrate in the tissues and spread in the other parts of the body and formed cancerous.