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Hormone Disorder - Symptoms, Causes and Prevention to Get Rid of It

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Summary about Hormone Disorder

It is a vast term describing the imbalance of the natural hormone level. Inside the body, there are different types of glands like pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and pineal gland. Each of them is responsible for the production of its respective hormone to regulate the specific function of the body like thyroid gland produces T3and T4 to regulate calcium levels in the body and some metabolic function. Any damage or malfunction of the gland cause poor or high production of the respective hormone as in case of thyroid gland hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism may occur. Usually, this disorder is treated by respective hormonal therapy.

Symptoms of Hormone Disorder

Painful periods

Dryness of vagina


Clitoral enlargement


Acne during periods


Weight gain

Hair loss

Skin tags

In men:

Reduced sexual duration

Erectile dysfunction

Reduced hair growth on body

Breast tenderness


Causes of Hormone Disorder

Extreme stress


Underactive thyroid

Poor diet


Solitary thyroid nodules

Cushing’s syndrome

Benign tumors and cysts 

Endocrine gland injury

Severe allergic reactions

Preventive Measures of Hormone Disorder

Following treatments are available for hormone disorder:

Anti-androgen medications


Assisted reproductive technology


Vaginal estrogen

Hormone replacement medications



Testosterone medications

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