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Talk to Homeopath on Hirsutism (Facial Hair) Homeopathic Treatment


AssalamuAlaikum. my age is 23, I have regular periods and I don't have PCOS. I have already consulted the doctors and did the reports. My main problem is facial hair, I have tried laser treatment as well, no use. I thought I should go for Homeopathic this time. The doctor gave me this syrup, I searched and it said it was only for irregular periods. But I don't have any issues with irregular periods. my periods are regular. Can any homeopathic doctor please guide if this syrup is good for Hirsutism? Im tired of this facial hair. i do wax and next day the hair is back. I have excess thick hair on my upperlips, chin, side chins. excess hair on legs, thick hair on stomach. my weight is also over 15 to 20 kilos. im trying to lose it now. I have stubborn weight. would this syrup help for facial hair??

Homeopath in Faisalabad - Dr. Qasim Ali Zahidi
Dr. Qasim Ali Zahidi - Homeopath

BHMS (Homeopath) | Faisalabad

review-stars 3 Positive Reviews

HR8 (Masood) Drops
Ornatic Tablet (Shwabe Germany)
for More information contact 042-32591427,


Post Owner

thank you, can you please tell me if I can take both at the same time? or which one would you recommend?

1 year ago

Homeopath in Mian Channu - Dr. Muhammad Zubair Syal
Dr. Muhammad Zubair Syal - Homeopath

BHMS | Mian Channu

review-stars 22 Positive Reviews

You can consult online with Dr. Muhammad Zubair Syal

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Homeopath in Wah Cantt - Dr. Kainat Gohar
Dr. Kainat Gohar - Homeopath

BHMS, RHMP | Wah Cantt

review-stars 42 Positive Reviews

Salam.. Dear this drops alone wont help you in hirustism. U need to get constitutional remedy for which complete detailed case history will be required... And for facial hairs can prescribe you a homeopathic serum for local application

Homeopath in Hyderabad - Prof. Dr. Ismail Nami
Prof. Dr. Ismail Nami - Homeopath

DHMS, MBA (Healthcare Management) | Hyderabad

review-stars 25 Positive Reviews

please share your hormone profile reports.

Homeopath in Multan - Dr. Fahad Shahzad
Dr. Fahad Shahzad - Homeopath

BHMS, M.PHIL Forensic Science | Multan

review-stars 2 Positive Reviews

This syrup has no effect in facial hairs if there Is no menstrual disturbance.
I will advice you to kindly reports your
harmones level especially T3,T4,TSH .After lab reports you accurate medicine can be prescribed through proper case taking.

Homeopath in Mian Channu - Dr. Muhammad Zubair Syal
Dr. Muhammad Zubair Syal - Homeopath

BHMS | Mian Channu

review-stars 22 Positive Reviews

Homeopathy has best treatment for hirsuitism. You can book appointment and consult with me. I will give you proper treatment according to your symptoms .

Homeopath in Lahore - Dr. Kiran Fatima
Dr. Kiran Fatima - Homeopath


review-stars 97 Positive Reviews

Waalikum asalam. Beta ye syrup irregular period ke lea hi hota hai ap personally through marham appointment lein. Ta ke directly ap se ap ki history le ke os ke mutabiq ap ka treatment kia jae. Kiun ke ap ki complete history le ke hi sahi treatment ho sake ga.

Homeopath in Chakwal - Dr. Saqib Aqeel
Dr. Saqib Aqeel - Homeopath

DHMS | Chakwal

review-stars 1 Positive Reviews

no its not for hirsutism
proper case taking is required book an appointment for further detail

Homeopath in Sialkot - Dr. Syed Mehboob Ahmed
Dr. Syed Mehboob Ahmed - Homeopath

DHMS, RHMP | Sialkot

review-stars 6 Positive Reviews

One of the main reasons for this may be hormonal imbalance

Homeopath in Karachi - Dr. Malik M Waqas
Dr. Malik M Waqas - Homeopath

DHMS, RHMP | Karachi

review-stars 21 Positive Reviews

Walikum salam
ye syrp to thik hai irregular periods ke liyea but further treatment ke liyea marham pe appointment book karen thanks

Homeopath in Karachi - Dr. Kaukab Shabbir
Dr. Kaukab Shabbir - Homeopath

DHMS | Karachi

review-stars 19 Positive Reviews

hirsutism can be treated very well with your complete history..u know that it's due to excessive androgens ( a hormone)..so you can consult a homeopath near by u for proper treatment or u can consult on line on marham.pk ...u might need to go for some hormones test that will help alot for cure of your disorder along with obesity...good luck may Allah heal you.

Homeopath in Multan - Dr. Moon Saima Raouf
Dr. Moon Saima Raouf - Homeopath

Ms History, DHMS | Multan

review-stars 17 Positive Reviews

no ,jb tk complt symptoms k sath case open nhi hota homeo medcn kam nhi karti

Homeopath in Rawalpindi - Dr. Asifa Khanum
Dr. Asifa Khanum - Homeopath

| DHMS | | Rawalpindi

review-stars 107 Positive Reviews

it's an hormonal issue. you have to take medicine only and your growth will get reduced with time and will finish InshaAllah. Only you have to take medicines timely. This problem will get resolved IA

Homeopath in Abbottabad - Dr. Ahmed Ejaz
Dr. Ahmed Ejaz - Homeopath

MSc, BHMS, DHMS | Abbottabad

review-stars 8 Positive Reviews

Please go for Harmones Profile Test

Homeopath in Sialkot - Dr. Syed Mehboob Ahmed
Dr. Syed Mehboob Ahmed - Homeopath

DHMS, RHMP | Sialkot

review-stars 6 Positive Reviews

if you have acne on your face and you are getting obese at the same time, it is a direct sign of hormonal problem.
at the same time your lifestyle is very important ie slow and relaxed, lack of exercise, junk food, fast food, broiler chicken and chips etc, over consumption of fried foods are all important

Homeopath in Karachi - Dr. Salma Wajahat Ali
Dr. Salma Wajahat Ali - Homeopath

DHMS, RHMP | Karachi

review-stars 27 Positive Reviews

no .. don't take any type of medicines without any symptoms ... if u don't have periods issue then should avoid thz type medicine ... hirsutism can b treated but wd take complete history or symptoms ..

Homeopath in Karachi - Dr. Ayesha Kanwal
Dr. Ayesha Kanwal - Homeopath

| DHMS | RHMP | | Karachi

review-stars 30 Positive Reviews

kindly book appointment via marham ....or visit my karachi clinic ...plz dont take medicines just like that

Homeopath in Karachi - Dr. Siddiqa Khalid
Dr. Siddiqa Khalid - Homeopath

DHMS | Karachi

review-stars 7 Positive Reviews

You’ve hormonal issues.. Don’t take this syrup..

Member of Marham-Forum

use electric shaver

Homeopath in Karachi - Dr. Qasim Ali
Dr. Qasim Ali - Homeopath

DHMS, RHMP, M.U.S.P | Karachi

review-stars 2 Positive Reviews

Assalamu Alaikum
Take Oleum Jec (Cream & capsules) by Paul Brooks.
HR-51 (Masood) 15 drops twice a day for 6 Months.
Thuja 1m 5 drops fortnight for 3 months.
Pulsatilla 200 Use after every 3 days.
Avoid broiler chicken and egg.

Homeopath in Mianwali - Dr. Qamar Abbas Bhachar
Dr. Qamar Abbas Bhachar - Homeopath

| DHMS | BHMS | | Mianwali

review-stars 25 Positive Reviews

Its Due to Harmonal disturbance .
For Consultation book appointment via Marham

Homeopath in Pattoki - Dr. Hamza Aslam
Dr. Hamza Aslam - Homeopath

DHMS | Pattoki

review-stars 1 Positive Reviews

homeopathy can treat you according to your symptoms and this syrup would n't help for facial hair .you can contact with me for your un wanted hairs

Homeopath in Charsadda - Dr. Rahmatullah

oleum jec 200
sepia 200
thuja 30

Homeopath in Charsadda - Dr. Rahmatullah

oleum jec 200
sepia 200
thuja 30

Homeopath in Islamabad - Dr. Muhammad Asghar
Dr. Muhammad Asghar - Homeopath

DHMS (Dimploma in Homeopathic Medical Sciences), RHMP ( Registered Homeopathic Medical Practitioner) | Islamabad

review-stars 14 Positive Reviews

Facial hirsutism is generally due to pcos or abnormal release of androgen hormone by adrenal glands. since you negate pcos with regular periods, you need some dietary habits to follow before you go for medication. water may be used more and more. junk food may be avoided strictly. food contains vitamin E and C may be preferred. Homoeo medicines are used to elicit the history of your symptoms in totality.

Homeopath in Karachi - Dr. Shehroz Muhammad Khan

thuja 200 , olium met 200 or natrum mur 200...ye use kre....sai ho jae ga....video consult kr lengi to bhetr h...q k pure course k lie...next m medicine change kr k...course ko finished karinge

Homeopath in Rahim Yar Khan - Dr. Ali Hussain
Dr. Ali Hussain - Homeopath

MS Biotechnology, DHMS, DEHMS | Rahim Yar Khan

firstly go for hormonal profile on 2 day of periods and then use medicine

Homeopath in Toba Tek Singh - Dr. Muhammad Asam Pervaiz

Olium Jac Q 10 drops 3 time daily
Sepia 30 Five drops 3 time daily
Insha Allah your problem will resolve soon

Homeopath in Lahore - Dr. Muhammad Zain Fazal
Dr. Muhammad Zain Fazal - Homeopath

BHMS, UCCM-IUB. RHMP & Dip-Ac | Lahore

review-stars 32 Positive Reviews

We have a large number of patients jin ko hirsutism ma issue tha, multiple causes thi is ki but all of them treated so well. Hamare pas log lasers session k bad b atay hn k us se recover ni hue.
Is k treatment k according apko khuch medicine recommend kren ge. or lagane k liye b medicine den ge. In'Shaa'Allah bht jald better ho jaye gi.a
ma apko hamari clinic ki lady dr ka card send kr raha hu. ap details discuss krne k liye online appointment le sakti han.

Homeopath in Malakand - Dr. Muhammad Asad
Dr. Muhammad Asad - Homeopath

| DHMS | BHMS | MDAM | | Malakand

pleas share with me abdomen pelvic ultrasound and Hormones profile test

Homeopath in Lahore - Dr. Muhammad Zain Fazal
Dr. Muhammad Zain Fazal - Homeopath

BHMS, UCCM-IUB. RHMP & Dip-Ac | Lahore

review-stars 32 Positive Reviews

These kind of formulations are just opted to support your case. These are just medicine use to manage hormonal issue.
these are general medicine, not specific for your disease.
Hirsutism need a precise prescription and more over a particular medicine for both external/internal use.

Homeopath in Peshawar - Dr. Omair Durrani
Dr. Omair Durrani - Homeopath

DHMS | Peshawar

review-stars 2 Positive Reviews

No, Dont use it, You have harmonal imbalance, you need complete treatment and insha Allah will get rid of hirsutism soon. Major Causes of Hirsutism are Ovarian Cyst and decrease in level of Estrogen harmone or excess of testosterone in your blood.

Homeopath in Karachi - Dr. Hina Arsalan
Dr. Hina Arsalan - Homeopath

DHMS, RHMP, MS Chemistry | Karachi

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