Daughter Has Fever Since Eid


Dear doctors, my daughter is 4. Since Eid ul Azha, she has fever that gors down when we give her Brufen/Panadol, but it returns in a few hours. At first she had high fever (102-103). The paediatrician blamed tonsils and gave her Cefalor + Brufen. We completed that course and the high fevers turned to mild fevers (99-100). Then he shifted us to Cefspan + Brufen/Panadol. We completed that course twice, but her temperature still rises to 99-100 in a few hours after we give her Panadol. When she wakes in the morning, her temperature is up. She drinks milk and we give her the med. She stays well till the afternoon. Then the temperature starts to rise and so on. This time around the tonsils can't be blamed anymore as they are fine now. Plz guide.


It would be nice if we do some work up now e.g, CBC with ESR, Mx Test, Urine C/E, before starting some new medications.


We need to get the tests for exact diagnosis in Consult with a Pediatrician . R/O conditions like Tuberculosis/ Brucellosis/ UTI/ Rheumatic/ autoimmune conditions etc need to be considered and investiged for a start.....Do not delay


Syed Ali Shazif Baqari

Please get the &cbc, peripheral blood picture, ESR, CRP, blood culture, Urine RE & culture, x ray chest ftm a good lab and post these investigations here.


MBBS, FCPS (Pediatrics) | Lahore

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Ur baby needs proper examination n complete workup means lab investigation. Kindly consult a paediatrician in personal as early as possible

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