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Talk to Pediatrician on Hemangiomas On Face


Asking for Other, Female, 02 years old, Gujranwala

My 02 and half year old baby girl is having hemangiomas on her face since birth. Intitally it was small but in early months it got bigger and emerged on her left cheek.We consulted doctors and they suggested us to wait as that was not causing any discomfort to child. Later on she rubbed that and it bleeded & got ulcerated. Upon reconsulting doctors they treated it with Kenakort A Injections inserted directly on infected hemangiomas. We got three sittings ,one every month. They assured us that it will reduce. Infection is fine Alhamdullilah but size is not reducing. Its still the same since last one year comprising of approx 02 inches in round shape and very much above the skin level. Its not causing any pain or fever or any discomfort. Child is fresh but we need to know how much wait is required to settle it or what else can be done with it . Really started getting worried now as she is growing up and contrary to the advices of the consultants is not reducing after its peak.

Vascular Surgeon in Lahore - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rashid Usman

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rashid Usman - Vascular Surgeon

MBBS (KEMU) , FRCS (Vascular Surgery) , MRCS (UK) , MCEM (UK), FCPS (Pak) , FRCS (Vascular Surgery) (UK) | Lahore


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Aoa dear,
Hemangioma is a tumor of blood vessels.
Being vascular surgeon , it is my speciality and i deal with such cases.
Your daughter needs to be fully assessed. She ia just 2, it will be better to get her treated at young age as such lesions grow with age and may cause disfugurement of face and will need bigger surgeries later with bad scarring.
So i recommend you should consult soon in clinic with all reports and child.
There are multiple treatment options available,
Dr R U,

Member of Marham-Forum

Being a paediatric surgeon, I see haemangioma very often in my practice along with other vascular malformations. Most haemangiomas do not require a surgery or any treatment. However if it is growing rapidly then one can use medical therapy to stop its growth and any cosmetic facial problems.

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