What reassurance can be offered to a child before a complete routine physical examination, considering the fact that the child’s blood pressure shoots to 190/100 or 200/100 during her visit to the doctor’s office? It is suggested that her blood pressure is probably always a little high and becomes even higher when she feels threatened by the doctor’s presence. Is there any way this can be confirmed? The child is not willing to submit herself to well-child check ups anymore. What reassurance can be offered before a well-child exam? (There are no noticeable symptoms and signs of any disease, except high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm and complaints of severe headache at the doctor’s office.)


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This is extremely high BP for even an aduly.

I do not think we should think it is just anxiety related.

The child needs to be admitted in the hospital for 1-2 days to have the BP regularly monitored and if remains raised needs investigations such as Blood and urine tests and Kidney ultrasound to look for the possible causez.

Dr. Intisar Ulhaq
Dr. Intisar Ulhaq - Pediatrician

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she also needs a detailed heart examination and possibily a heart scan as well.

please get her admitted under an experienced Paediatrician, do not delay. keep us posted about the final outcome.

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This high BP is absolutely abnormal if taken with appropriate cuff. It can be checked at home again and she should be investigated properly to avoid complications.


The B.P you mentioned its very high and needs to be lowered so she needs hospital admission...also she needs to be evaluated from a cardiologist for heart problems....