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Dear Sir/Madam, My 6 years old kid is suffering from acute weakness. his growth is not proper, his general health is very poor. we have tried a lot to treat him through health diet but no positive effect observed. Please suggest a good doctor. Also please note that we are a middle class noble family and cant afford unnecessary expensive tests. however we are quite serious in a complete checkup of our poor kid. Please guide us. Many thanks.


You need to go to a government hospital for a proper check-up and investigations...


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Sir, govt hospitals are careless... they don't bother. We have tried Govt hospitals... they prescribe a tonic and suggest some foods like meat, eggs, milk, butter etc. which we are already giving him, but he is getting week day by day.... he doesn't play games like normal kids, if we force him to play he gets tired too early. he is not enjoying his life, neither school, nor his summer vacation, all the time he sits in front of TV and feels boring. It looks he is loosing his life drive slowly. i am worried too much. Can we book an appointment with you please ?

Dr. Hassan Suleman Malik - Pediatric Gastroenterologist


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They need to visit me in children's hospital lahore


Sorry try but failed.
How to post suggestions????

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