My baby is 15 days old. She is on breast feed plus formula milk. She keeps on feeding for 40 min but still does not get satisfied and keeps on crying unless the bottle feed is given. Sometimes she even vomits after giving formula feed after breast feed. What to do now?


MBBS, Diplomate American Board of Pediatrics, Diplomate American Sub-Board of Neonatal/ Perinatal Medicine | Lahore

you should take plenty of fluids to ensure good supply of breast milk.
Feed the baby every 2 hours for a total period of 20 minutes.
Try to avoid bottle feeding.



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If you try dual feed usually have to face this problem. Formula is easy to suck for baby. So baby tries to shift to formula. However another less likely possibility is reduced milk production. But it is manageable.
Breastfeed frequently, mother should take more liquids and if necessary medicines also available to increase milk production. Be committed to continue breastfeed.

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