Salt Wasting CAH

Hi , My nephew got his 17 hydroprogstron (sp ??) level up . Potassium level is up to, so apparantly he is SWCAH affected , we are not told exactly by his pediatrician but as he is florinef and genkart so I searched by myself this rare disease. As we need to have proper consultation with pediatrician endocrinologist , but we don't know about any . I just read a query abt this matter so wanted to discuss his case . Kindly help us to find good specialist as we have to follow some protocols and full treatment . I tried to get appointment but was told that we are not child endocrinologist. Regards,


You can found proper endocrinologist in children hospital Feroz pure road Lahore



Depends on your city if you post the city you can be helped better. In karachi there is doctor syed jamal raza national hospital in islamabad dr gulbin pims


MBBS | Karachi

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CAH is the most common intersex condition in Pakistan. It is taught as a rare disease. SWCAH can be life threatening if not managed properly so you will need to get hormone levels checked every 3-6 months.
endocrinologists usually prescribe the standard treatment which should lower the 17oh progesterone levels. the idea is to keep a good balance for a healthy life. You must get the child's Karyotyping and Ultrasound abdomen done at least once. Understanding the condition always helps the parents take better care of the child