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Salam My son is small and he is 2.8 years old will be 3 in July. Problem 1: I am very concerned about his habit of eating everything but food. He eat cottonbuds, wall plaster, cement, dust thus everything in his access.. i am tired of pushing diverting. Now i feel his stomach is bit bigger.. Last week he got motions issues and that continued for 15 days and he got skinny. Doctor later changed his medicine from flagil to paptinil as we had observed very bad smell in his poop. Problem 2: He has not speaking. He try to take us to the places what he want but hardly speak. Just mama baba he can say since he is 1 year old. I have to send him to school from august but if he won't speak will be hard as he fail to tel about teachers behaviour.


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wa alykumusalm

Problem 1)

Eating such stuff is usually behavioural in nature and improves by 5-6 years of life.

supervise him closely and remove all the stuff which he eats.

In the mean time check his CBC and serum Iron levels, if found to low iron then give him iron syrup for 3 months.

rework him with Mebendazole syrup and repeat the dose after 4 weeks.

improve his diet by offering more fruits and vegetables along with meat and eggs.

Problem 2)

Get his Hearing tested by an Audiologist. if hearing is poor his speech will be poor. May also need to see an ENT doctor.

If hearing is fine then see a speech and language therapist


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Asalam aliekum
you have to consult speech therapist and psychologist . because he is having disorder picca (eat non edible things) and he is with delayed speech .so you have the good time to consult because he is young so prognosis will be good .