Vomiting And Cough

my daughter is one yr old.she has cough (congested ) mostly and she vomits her feed(formula)mostly at night right aftr taking it with a cough. even if she is ok otherwise but at night she takes milk and then coughs aftr one minite n vomit all. i m.fed up. i have given augmentin...cefixime..azithro (twice ) now i m fed up. me usko raat garam.rakti hun magar subu nae siray sy zukaam start huta hy.kana pena ni huta.jab chand din tek huey thy tu kafi kahti thy. ab kia karun for her vomiting even if its becos of her chest or throat?????kindly help.by the way i m mbbs too.but peads me short c hjb ke thy😉


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Dr. Zeeshan Muneer can you please help


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because of chest so please visit your child specialist


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it's is very important to examine her throat and auscultate the chest. issue is to look at cause of coughing. once identified, it can be treated. please get an appointment by a nearby consultant


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Vomiting may be induced by coughing.

It is most likely due to the viral illness which she has. If it is happening very frequently and for a long time, i think she needs a detailed respiratory and cardiovascular examination. She might need a chest Xray as well.