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2 Best Psychologists In Hyderabad

Homeopath in Hyderabad - Dr. Ilahi Bux

Dr. Ilahi Bux

Homeopath, Psychologist

Dr. Ilahi Bux

Homeopath, Psychologist

B.Sc. (Hons.) (Physiology), DHMS,M.Sc. (Physiolog...


40 year(s)

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What Does A Psychologist Do?

Above is the list of verified Psychologists in Hyderabad. You can view their experience, practice locations, timings, services, fees, and patient reviews. You can also find the best Psychologists in Hyderabad on the basis of area, fee, gender, and availability. More than 2 top Psychologists of Hyderabad are listed here. Book an appointment or consult online.

Who is a Psychologist?

Psychologists are specialists who study mental processes and also human behaviors by observation and interpretation. Some of them work independently whereas some work with healthcare teams to create awareness.

Psychologists help patients through psychotherapies and counseling but do not prescribe medicines. Moreover, they play a major part in promoting healthy behavior, preventing diseases, and improving quality of life.

  • Identifying the behavioral patterns 
  • Identify emotional patterns
  • Diagnose disorders
  • Planning for the treatment strategy

Psychologists treat mental health issues by providing counseling and psychotherapy, which is also known as talk therapy. However, some focus only on research or teaching and don’t work with patients.

When to see a Psychologist?

Psychologists treat all mental health issues, reach out to a psychologist if you relate to any following symptoms:

  • If you have uncontrollable negative thoughts
  • If you fear your negative thoughts are affecting your relationships
  • If you are finding it difficult to focus on your studies. 
  • If you have recently suffered a loss of a loved one
  • If you use excessive alcohol and drugs
  • If you are constantly suffering from feelings of hopelessness.

What issues are treated by Psychologists in Hyderabad: 

Psychologists provide a wide range of services and also are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of them all.

Below are the issues treated by the Psychologists in Hyderabad:

  • Understand, study and deal with addiction patients
  • Treat patients suffering from depression and anxiety symptoms
  • Treat and diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Work with people suffering from Dementia
  • Address and treat people having chronic health conditions
  • Deal with people having sleep issues

You should book an appointment or consult online with the best Psychologists in Hyderabad if you are facing any of these health issues.

What types of Psychologists are there?

There are various types of psychologists, who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of specific problems:

  • Aviation Psychologists: Aviation psychologists specialize in studying the behavior of pilots and flight staff. Moreover, the research for the safety of airlines and assist in hiring suitable staff.
  • Bio-Psychologists: These specialists can also be called physiological psychologists because they on the brain and behavior. 
  • Clinical Psychologists: Clinical psychologists diagnose and treat individuals experiencing psychological distress and mental illness. They also perform psychotherapy and develop treatment plans.
  • Cognitive Psychologists: Cognitive psychologists investigate how people think, including topics such as decision-making and problem-solving. This type of psychologist works on how the brain processes, learns, stores recognize, and utilizes information.

What is the qualification of a Psychologist?

In Pakistan, Psychologists are qualified counselors who complete their specialization in the relevant field from any university. After this, Psychologists go forward for further degrees in their respective specialty of Psychology.

All Psychologists here are verified. Many psychologists go on to further specialize from abroad such as CPCAB, ADCP, PGD, and others. All Psychologists in Hyderabad are qualified in many other degrees related to Psychology from abroad.

What things you should keep in mind while selecting a Psychologist? 

Before choosing a Psychologist, you need to think very carefully and evaluate your options on the following basis:

  • Experience of the psychologist.
  • Services of the psychologist: that whether the psychologist provides the service you are looking for, or not.
  • Qualifications of the psychologist: you should see how qualified the psychologist is.
  • Reviews of the patients: you should read the patient’s feedback. This will help you in making an informed decision for psychologists to see.

Who are the best Psychologists in Hyderabad? 

On the basis of experience, reviews, and patient feedback, we have shortlisted the top five Psychologists in Hyderabad. The names are as follows:

  • Dr. Ilahi Bux practicing in Video Consultation
  • Ahsan Mehmood practicing in Video Consultation
  • Sidra Atta Bangash practicing in Video Consultation
  • Asma Laghari practicing in Video Consultation

Book Appointment or Consult Online Through 

You can book an appointment or online video consultation with the best psychologists in Hyderabad through - Pakistans No.1 healthcare platform. You can book your appointment online or call our helpline: 03111222398. Marham has so far helped 10 Million+ patients to book their appointments with verified doctors. We are the largest service-providing startup in Pakistan. Google and Facebook have awarded Marham in recognition of its services.

We have registered the best Psychologists in Hyderabad on our platform. Now, you can avail the best healthcare with ease and comfort. patients reviews, practice details, experience, timing slots are available to make it easier for you to book an appointment. You can also consult online, with the best Psychologists in Hyderabad, and discuss your issues via audio/video call.

Reviews of Best Psychologists in Hyderabad

Ms. Sehrish Junejo - Psychologist

Review:- "Very much satisfied."

Asma Laghari - Psychologist

Review:- "Asma Laghari is incredibly competent, kind , compassionate her willingness to open up and talk with me about my problems has created a trustworthy relationship that makes it easier to talk about my issues.She is always on time. friendly, easy to talk to, genuine, cares about her patients . I would highly recommend her to everyone who have anxiety & self worth issues she made me realize my true potential as individual ."

Sawera Ufaq - Psychologist

Review:- "Best consultant...?????"

Sidra Atta Bangash - Psychologist

Review:- "Last year I was going thought some difficult time with depression and all.i was recommended by a friend to see Dr Sidra. She was very helpful. The best thing was her very professional approach in listening and understanding my issues. She helped with good counseling. I still use her methods of I feel any issue.. I wish the all the best."

Frequently Asked Questions

Psychologists specialists provide the best services and treat issues like Autism Spectrum Disorder, Alcohol And Drug Abuse, Social Anxiety Disorder, Sexual Psychotherapy, Gender Dysphoria, Personal Grooming, Acute Stress Disorder, All Women Issues, Attachment Disorder, Behavioral Therapy, Bipolar Disorder

The fee of the best Psychologist in Hyderabad ranges from PKR 500 to PKR 3000.

You can book an appointment online by visiting the doctor’s profile, or call our Marham helpline: 03111222398 to book your appointment.

There are no additional fees for booking an appointment or consulting online with Marham. You only have to pay the doctor's fees.

You can choose a Psychologist based on their experience, patient reviews, services, qualification, and locations.

The following are the top five Psychologists in Hyderabad:

  1. Ahsan Mehmood
  2. Sawera Ufaq

The following are the most experienced Psychologists in Hyderabad:

  1. Sawera Ufaq
  2. Ahsan Mehmood

The following are the top reviewed Psychologists in Hyderabad: 

  1. Sawera Ufaq
  2. Ahsan Mehmood

The following are the Psychologists in Hyderabad who charge less than PKR 1000:

    By selecting your location from the filters bar, you can find a Psychologist in your area.

    The following Psychologists are available in Hyderabad today:

    1. Ahsan Mehmood

    You can use any of the following payment methods:

    Bank Transfer

    • Credit Card
    • Easy Paisa or Jazz Cash
    • Collection via the rider

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