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Hazardous Ingredients in Milk

Milk is the most important ingredient on of our Food Recipes. The initial debate has focused on the consumption of Packed milk Vs Milkman Milk. But recently the debate has turned into something more serious with the news of addition of formalin in milk which is utilized in preserving the dead bodies.

Posted in GEO:

The Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the Punjab Food Authority to check all milk plants in the province and get milk samples tested in labs, as it was found out they contained harmful ingredients

The GEO report made shocking revelations, as it stated that Haleeb milk contained chemical called formalin, which is used for preserving dead bodies.

The milk was also found to have contained sugarcane juice. The court inquired the advocate of the factory why it contained sugarcane juice.

The report pointed out that Haleeb, Acha Milk, Al-Fazl Food, Doce, Al-Fajr Food are all unsafe.

Al-Fazl Foods was checked on December 8 and fungus and dirt was found in the plant. Their license was suspended, the report said. Production of Doce Milk was stalled on December 16, and it has been slammed with a fine of Rs500,000.

Acha Milk was also fined for Rs500,000 and its production was stopped for a week. Al-Fajr milk plant has been sealed, the report said.

A shocking report was submitted in the Supreme Court on Tuesday stating that chemicals causing cancer are being used by a brand of packaged milk.


According to the SAMAA report:

Dairy milk is mostly contaminated as the brand is using chemicals known as embalming fluid and is used to preserve cadavers.

Punjab Food Authority slapped fines to major suppliers of packaged milk as Justice Saqib Nisar said the court will take this matter to its logical end to ensure that children of this country have pure milk.

Consequent upon the court action, Food Authority widened its jurisdiction from five divisions to entire Punjab. Directives have been issued that milk samples be collected and an analytical report be readied.

The case was heard at apex court’s Lahore Registry. The court was briefed that the company was fined a million rupee as unhygienic and cadaver-preserving chemical was found in the milk. https://www.samaa.tv/pakistan/2016/12/shocking-report-packaged-dairy-farm-milk-pakistan/

Now, The Supreme Court has ordered chemical examination of all domestic and international brands of packed milk available in Pakistan.


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