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Scrotal Scan

Is there any female radiologist in twin cities who can do scrotal scan for a boy aged 20s he has been treated from female doctors since childhood so comfortable accordingly


Urine Problem

mjhy ek month SE urine mn pain hta hy kabhi zyada ata kbhi kum phr left side kidney mn bht pain hta tha .. ab doctor ny kaha kidney ka mAsla nhy bladder mn na koi issue hu retrograde urethrogram krwao ye Kon krta radiologist or Kya...


Hi Are There Any Radiologists That Can Look At An Mri Scan Of A Spine For My Mother

looks like there's a tumour of some sort in L1,L2


Ultrasound For Follicle Size ,

Aoa dr which day of periods ultrasound for follicle size should be done ? And hormonal profile LH , FSH ?


CT Scan Report Comments

aoa dear docters , i just received my mother's CT scan Chest ,abdomn and pelvis with contrast report please commnets and guide accordingly


Pathological Fracture Of The Femoral Neck Right Leg

I would like to have second opinion if she need a surgery, please look at the pictures. We would like not to have one. I have more pictures from MRI, if need to see. Thanks



drs on marham web advised me for scrotal ultrasound as i m feeling mild pain in one of it is there any female radiologist who can conduct ultrasound


X Ray With Covid Symptoms

Is this Xray report fine?


Endocervical Polyp Removal

I have this polyp as shown in ultrasound report. My radiologist said it can be resolved in two minutes by lady doctor during checkup on the spot but the lady doctor said I need d&c for it's removal and that's why I am confused...

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