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Acne Facial

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What is Acne Facial

Elegance Health & Beauty Clinic is offering acne facial for the people who are suffering through this issue for a long time. This acne facial treats all kind of skin types which is the one thing that make it more significant. There are different reasons of acne, it is very common issue but can be treated after a detailed analysis of the skin. Elegance Health & Beauty Clinic offer this treatment by professionals who helps you to get rid of your acne problem and moisturize the skin with the vitamins needed for the skin.

Package Details

Acne Facial


5,000 4,000


Elegance Health Beauty Clinic


Latifabad # 6

Clinic Details

Elegance Health Beauty Clinic Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 65-B Block-A Airport Road Near Buraj Hall

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Benefits of Acne Facial:

  • It is a pain-free & harmless treatment.
  • Helps you get rid of your acne problems.
  • It reduce acne and fade away the acne scars. 
  • It helps your skin to glow and improve overall skin appearance.
  • Through Marham you can get a discounted package.
  • You can get a consultation with the doctor before getting any treatment.
  • There are no side effects of this treatment; anyone from any age can get this treatment.
  • Acne facial performed at Elegance Health & Beauty Clinic has the highest success rate.
  • With the latest technology available at Elegance Health & Beauty Clinic, all types of skin can be treated.
  • Booking through Marham can save your time to visit the clinic and the appointment scheduling.
  • Proper assessment is made before getting into the treatment which ensures the right method and frequency of the treatment.

Success Stories

Verified Patient

You can totally relate if you have oily skin and it's the burning heat of summers. Tried many treatments and ointments to treat the pimples and acne but they had no or very short-term results. This time I thought to have Acne facial at Elegance Beauty Clinic and it actually worked. I am surprised with the results but yes! it has helped in reducing acne and pain. It was satisfactory treatment indeed.

Momina Zahid

2021-06-08 13:08:35

Verified Patient

The treatment has helped in reducing the redness, pain and number of pimples on my face. It is much better than the general cosmetic facial treatment which we get in the parlors. 

Zareen Usman

2021-06-08 13:11:25

Verified Patient

I like the way of treatment. They make you feel special with amazing technology and expert staff. 

Hania Noreen

2021-06-08 13:15:07

Verified Patient

Ance is one of the problems that everyone goes through. Some people think that we should not treat them and let them occur on the skin and they will heal themselves. But it is not the right case. You must try the treatment if you want to get rid of them. I tried the facial and it has helped me getting reduced acne on my skin. Feeling relaxed.

Shazia Naseer

2021-06-08 13:23:22

Frequently Asked Questions

10 Million+ People Have Used MARHAM!

Frequently Asked Questions

10 Million+ People Have Used MARHAM!

Elegance Health & Beauty Clinic provides the best quality services with the help of the latest technology and the specialist doctors who will be treating you at the clinic. Elegance Health & Beauty Clinic has the highest success rate for all the treatments being performed at the clinic. The reason behind this success is the latest technology, a team of experts, international standards, and protocols which are implemented under the strict supervision.

  • Because Marham is offering this treatment at a discounted price.
  • Marham will book this treatment on your behalf and make sure you are treated according to the standards of care.
  • It will save your time because the booking will be confirmed according to the availability of the doctors.

Although it varies person to person, but normally it is recommended to have one session in a month to get good results.

Elegance Health & Beauty Clinic has the highest success rate for this treatment due to their updated technology and the professional doctors available at the clinic.

Acne Facial performed at Elegance Health & Beauty Clinic cost PKR 5000, but through Marham you can get a discounted package of PKR 4000.

There is no such guideline but the day you have your treatment avoid going in sun and near heat.

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