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Hair Transplant Treatment

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Hair Transplant Treatment

In a hair transplant procedure, the surgeon extracts a strip of scalp skin from the area where hair growth is more and moves it to the bald area. It is usually taken from the backside of the head to the front area which is usually bald. There are two types of hair transplant procedures which are follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction. In Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) the surgeon use the strip of scalp skin and separate it into small sections. On the other hand in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) follicles are cut out directly and transplanted in the bald area. In this treatment, the surgeon can transplant hundreds or thousands of hair as per the requirement.

Rs. 165,000

Rs. 82,500

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Offered by London Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Centre

London Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Centre Lahore

Lahore, 59-Z, Commercial, Sector Z

3 Doctors Onboard

Hair Transplant Treatment Packages

3rd Generation

Fee : 165,000

Discount Fee : 82,500

It includes 3rd generation hair transplant.

4th Generation

Fee : 195,000

Discount Fee : 97,500

It includes 4th generation hair transplant and 4 P

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Benefits of Hair Transplant Treatment :

  • It’s a lifetime procedure.
  • It has a high success rate.
  • It is a pain-free treatment.
  • A permanent remedy to your baldness.
  • It helps you grow your own hair which is cost-effective.
  • Through Marham you can get a discounted package.
  • You can get a consultation with the doctor before getting any treatment. 
  • Above all there are no side effects of this treatment; anyone from any age can get this treatment.
  • Booking through Marham can save your time to visit the clinic and the appointment scheduling.
  • With the latest technology available at London Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Centre all types of hair issues can be treated.


2021-04-07 14:30:25

For a long, I was suffering from hair baldness but no clinic except London Aesthetics come up with satisfactory services. The doctors are very polite and listen to each patient carefully and clearly explain the required treatment to be done. I strongly recommend London Aesthetics for Hair Transplant. 


Not Sure? Here are the answer to your questions:

Yes, it is a one-time procedure.

No, it is a painless treatment.

There is no certain age limit; you can have this treatment whenever you want.

  • Because Marham is offering this treatment at a discounted price. 
  • It's time-saving as you don't have to go to the clinic for details and appointment booking.
  • Marham will book this treatment on your behalf and make sure you are treated according to the standards of care. 
  • It will save your time because the booking will be confirmed according to the availability of the doctors.  

London Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Centre provides the best quality services with the help of the latest technology and the specialist doctors who will be treating you at the clinic. London Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Centre has the highest success rate for all the treatments being performed at the clinic. The reason behind this success is the latest technology, a team of experts, international standards, and protocols which are implemented by Dr. Taquir Ahmed himself.

The success rate of this treatment performed at the London Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Centre is around 95%. This rate is achieved with the help of a team of specialist doctors at the clinic and the latest technology which enables the doctors to get the most effective results for the patients.

London Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Centre is offering discounted packages in collaboration with Marham. There are different combinations of this treatment which includes 3rd generation and 4th generation transplant. The 3rd generation hair transplant costs PKR 165000 but Marham is offering it at a discounted price of PKR 82500 and the 4th generation hair transplant costs PKR 195000 which is now available at a discounted price of PKR 975000. 

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