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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fahad Aman Khan

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Patient Questions from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fahad Aman Khan

Asking For Self, Female, 30 Years old


Aoa dr I am taking these medicine because of stomach abdominal pain and diarrhoea I have very low iron dr recommend me ferinject inj i/v can I take this I/v injection with these medicine?

Asking For Self, Male 33

Ispaghol Husk

Can one take ispaghol daily for constipation issue is there any side effect fir daily takin ispaghol with water

Asking for Self, Female, 26 years old

Celiac Disease

I am on gluten free diet since 5 years. Mera weight gain bhi hogya tha, perhaiz bhi karhi hon but pta ni kuch din se achanak dark cicles, weakness, ankhon k samny andhera arhaa hai or kbhi sardi lgti hai kbhi garmi, sweating bhi ni...

Asking For Self, Female 45

Stomach Prob.

khanay k baad khas ker ramdan main iftari k baad pait main dard. dakaar 1/2 sir main dard light bhi buri lagty hai no suger no bp mormal wait plz solve the problem

Asking for Wife, Female, 29 years old


My wife delivered a healthy baby on January 11, 2020. During C-sec, doctor observed some nodes in her abdomen and took some sample and sent for biopsy/histopathology. Its report showed that there is suspicion of omental tuberculosis...

Asking for Self, Female, 27 years old

Bloody Stool

I m having blood with stool..when i pas stool in morning it start with runny stool with fresh blood then the stool gets normal without blood...i have taken a complete course of antibiotics it gets better till the day i was taking an...

Asking For Self, Male 30

Hiatus Hernia

i have sliding hiatal hernia in 2017 my symptoms is short breathing issues no chest pain no heart buran only short breathing issues what i do .i take lansoprazole daily but not better.plz give me solution anybody help me

Asking for Self, Male, 17 years old


Kya ye zarori hai ke agr ap gastroenterologist ke Pas jayen to wo apki endoscopy ya colonoscopy karega only gas hai reply plzz

Asking for Other, Female, 33 years old

Hepatitis B

Diagnosed with Hepatitis B- 5 years ago, PCR value was earlier 44 in 2017 and 19 now. Reports attached.

Asking for Self, Female, 27 years old

Pain In Upper Stomach

Having burning pain in upper stomach like skin is buring from inside.. this pain from two months but its not constant it come and goes on its own. No nausea and acidity..

Asking for Husband, Male, 40 years old

Chronic Hepatitis B

My husbad has hepatitis b positives since last 15 years. But his LFTS was normal. No symptoms.he was quite healthy. But NOW from last one month he has itching on his body and his lab values are also deranged.his biliuribin is 1. 6 a...

Asking for Self, Female, 27 years old

H Pylori (peptic Ulcer)

My IgG is 2.82 U/ml and IgM is 2.62 U/ml My stomach makes too much gas and acid and burns almost all the time i just feel better after eating for 5-10 minutes then again my stomach starts burning and bloating. Gas and acid moves in...

Asking for Self, Female, 34 years old

Anal Problem

i am a quadriplegic from last 5 years. Bowel movement have become problematic due to regular use of enema and manual evacuation. The problem iam looking a solution for is that enema and gas gets stuck and hinders bowel movement and...

Asking for Mother, Female, 58 years old

Hepatitis C

Salam, My mother has Hep. C (genotype 3a) from about 15 years. She has tried multiple rounds of treatment regimes starting from interferon, pegasys, and then solvadi in 2016-2017 with no success. Her current state is healthy acco...

Asking for Self, Male, 35 years old


After a gap of every 2-3 weeks a pimple bulges out near my anus almost 1inch away. It is a bit hard and sometimes painful. After 2-3 day it start to bleed a bit and then it go away. And then again it appears after sometime

Asking for Self, Female, 27 years old


i had my ceasarean 4 and a half month before and after that i got constipation till now. it is not regular but happens again n again after sometime, please suggest how to get rid of it and also i feel weakness please suggest some mu...

Asking for Self, Female, 28 years old


I have a searing pain and burning sensation in my abdominal region. What should I take right now? This pain occurs once a month and it's been for 5 consecutive month. Doesn't happen every time I eat spicy food, happens only once...

Asking For Self, Female, 18 Years old

Diagnosed For Ibs

Hello. I have been diagnosed for ibs from a nearby doctor. Who also gave me librax along with vifi. Is librax not having withdrawl symptoms. I am scared of taking these meds as i have my exams and i dont want to go for cbc or comple...

Asking for Self, Female, 20 years old

Intestine Related

sir , i'm not having proper bowel movement from one month . bowel movement occurs with a considerable gab mostly of 2 days and when bowel movement occurs there are pencil stools for which lot of force i have to exert and still bowe...

Asking for Mother, Female, 49 years old

Hepatitis C

Here are the reports of my mother in law. She is diagnosed with hepatits C. Doctor please tell me is there anything to worry about. She is taking me livanza 60mg and lavie 400 mg tablets