Pain In Lower Jaw


Today I experienced a faint pain at the left side of my lower jaw, is it serious or something?

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Dr. Nabeel Aslam



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BDS, C-implant, D-Ortho | Lahore

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Dear if it is in third molar region get it checked.clinical examination is very necessary.

Dr. M. Shahrukh Lodhi
Dr. M. Shahrukh Lodhi - Dentist

BDS, C-implant, D-Ortho | Lahore | Book Appointment

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or if you can specify the region where you are having pain it will be a little easier to give a opinion

2 years ago


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the circled area hurts

Dr. Muhammad Sohaib Javed
Dr. Muhammad Sohaib Javed - Dentist

BDS, M.Sc. Orthodontics (Scotland) | Lahore | Book Appointment

Pain might be due to multiple reasons possible, ranging from an abscess due to a carious tooth to the third molar abnormality or so.
As stated earlier, a dental check-up is a must requirement for further evaluation.

2 years ago


Plz inbox me at my fb account


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I don't use Facebook :(

2 years ago


BDS, MCPS, C-Ortho, C-ImPlant | Lahore

Kindly Consult any Consultant dentist or specialist regarding the pain so
that prompt and early diagnosis can be done . also to rule out any serious


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I also have braces but I didn't get them tightened recently.....

2 years ago


Assalam o alikum

Faint pain if persistent can be a sign of an ulcer, a tooth getting
sensitive, a wisdom tooth erupting or maybe a result of muscle fatigue.

It would need a further investigation to known more about the reason of
pain. Also please elaborate more about the character of pain i-e time and
circumstances of onset, anything that worsens it or make it go away and
since how long have you been experiencing it

A checkup is recommended to look better into the matter.


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I just started having it probably 2 days ago, it is slight/faint pain.

2 years ago

Dr. Muhammad Ahad Shabbir

have a checkup scheduled with a dentist to know the main reason behind the pain. does eating, lying down or bending worsen it or does it stays the same ?

2 years ago


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It remains the same

2 years ago


B.D.S (pb), R.D.S, C-Implants (Korea) | Lahore

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Thanks for contacting us. We can't decide wether it is some serious matter
or not unless examined clinically. You may have some mild trauma or any
tooth cavity that needs to have an xary of your jaw. Contact MARHAM for


I hope you are better now.
Pain in lower jaw is a very broad term and it can have many causes but the
good thing for you to know 80% of the causes are not serious.
But for better diagnosis and management i would like to see you.


It may be a problem due to your wisdom teeth and can be nerve pain.

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