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Molluscum Contagiosum - Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Molluscum Contagiosum in Urdu

یہ جلد کا ایک عام وائرل انفیکشن ہے۔یہ نفرادی رابطے اور آلودہ اشیاء کے ذریعے پھیل سکتا ہے. سگرچہ یہ انفیکشن بچوں کو زیادہ متاثر کرتا ہے لیکن  بڑے بھی اس سے متاثر ہو سکتے ہیں خاص طورر پر وہ افراد جن کی قوت مدافعت کمزور ہو۔

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Summary about Molluscum Contagiosum in English

Molluscum contagiosum is a relatively common skin viral infection that produces round, firm and painless protrusions is the size of a pencil to eraser size. If the lumps are scratched or injured, the infection may spread to the surrounding skin. Molluscum contagiosum is also spread through individual contact and infected objects. Although molluscum contagiosum is most prevalent in children, adults may also be affected, especially those with weakened immune systems. In adults with a normal immune system, Molluscum contagiosum, which affects the genitals, is considered a sexually transmitted infection. The bumps associated with molluscum contagiosum usually disappear within a year without treatment, but a physician-assisted removal is also an option.

Symptoms of Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum symptoms include bumps on the skin that:

  • Are elevated, round, and flesh-colored
  • Are small — typically less than 1/4 inch (less than 6 millimeters) in diameter.
  • Have a slight indentation (umbilication) or dot at the top near the center.
  • The skin can become red and inflamed.
  • It could be itchy.
  • Scratching or rubbing can easily remove it, but this can spread the virus to nearby skin.
  • In children, it usually appears on the face, neck, armpits, arms, and tops of the hands.
  • In adults, it may appear on the genitals, lower abdomen, and inner upper thighs if the infection is transmitted sexually.

Causes of Molluscum Contagiosum

The virus that causes molluscum contagiosum is easily transmitted via:

  • Skin-to-skin interaction
  • Contact with contaminated objects, such as contaminated towels
  • Sexual contact with a partner who is afflicted
  • Scratching or rubbing the bumps, which allows the virus to spread to nearby skin.
  • It's unclear whether the molluscum contagiosum virus can spread in chlorinated water like that found in swimming pools. 
  • Experts believe that swimmers are more likely to spread the virus through the shared use of towels, equipment such as kickboards, or skin contact.


A doctor provides the most effective treatments for molluscum contagiosum.

  • Cryotherapy, curettage, laser therapy, and topical therapy are used for its treatment.
  • During cryotherapy, the doctor uses liquid nitrogen to freeze each bump. The doctor uses a small tool to pierce the bump and scrape it off the skin during curettage.

Preventive Measures of Molluscum Contagiosum

To help prevent this virus:

  • Wash your hands
  • Avoid touching the bumps
  • Don't share personal items
  • Avoid sexual contact
  • Cover the bumps

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