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Fungal Skin Problem - Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

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Summary about Fungal Skin Problems

Fungi are responsible for some of the most common skin problems like athlete’s foot and yeast infection. Fungi are organisms that were present in primitive times as well. They live in many places; the air, soil, in water and plants and some do grow in human bodies. However, around half of the fungi types are harmless.

A few of the types can reproduce in the air through spores. One can breathe in these spores or they might simply land on the skin. This is how fungal infection develops on the skin. Furthermore, the development of fungal infection is all the more imminent in people who have an immune system that is weak. It is hard to kill fungi. However, medicine directly applied to the skin can certainly help. While symptoms are specific to the type, fungal skin problems are generally characterized by cracked, peeled and itchy skin


Symptoms of Fungal Skin Problems

The symptoms of a fungal infection will depend on the type, but common symptoms include the following: The symptoms usually vary with the type of the infection. However, the few commonalities between their symptoms are:

  • Changes in the skin in the form of cracks or peeled skin.
  • Itchy skin

Causes of Fungal Skin Problems

The causes of the different types of fungal skin infections are specific to their type. 

Athlete’s foot. One can get this infection if they come into direct skin contact with a person who has this infection or they could have touched some surfaces that had the fungus that causes this disease. The fungus that causes it usually grows in environments that are damp; so it can be present in showers and swimming pools.

Jock's itch. This infection is caused by ringworm. The fungus that plays the causal role can easily be transmitted from one individual to the other when they share clothes or other things. The infection might dwell on surfaces such as gym equipment which would make it easy to spread around.

Yeast infection. Yeast infection happens the instance when a folded skin area is exposed to any new yeast. It can also happen when the amount of yeast in a particular area of the skin increases, in spite of the usual bacteria.

Risk Factors of Fungal Skin Problems

Fungal infections can happen to any person, even those who are generally well. The reason is the prevalence of the fungi; they are everywhere, people breathe them or touch another fungi-containing surface. However, most of these contacts do not result in sickness. The people who have a weakened immune system have the highest risk of getting these infections.

It is necessary for those who have a weak immune system to be aware of it and to relay it to the doctor.

Preventive Measures of Fungal Skin Problems

It is virtually impossible to avoid fungus, which is all around us. It usually thrives in warm, damp and moist environments. This makes some areas of the skin more susceptible to infections. An important thing to note is that fungal skin infections are external problems not internal ones.

  1. By keeping feet clean and dry, regularly changing socks and wearing shoes with a breathable material.
  2. The individual should wear shoes that are not too tight and should keep barefoot walking at a minimum. Especially in those areas that are warm and damp.
  3. Application of antifungal creams on the skin areas where there is high probability of developing can also help a lot.


Types of Fungal Skin Problems

Athlete’s foot. As the name implies, this fungal infection happens on the feet.

Vaginal yeast infections. This yeast infection occurs in women and is caused by Candida albicans.

Jock’s itch. This infection is caused by ringworm. The fungi that cause this infection love environments that are warm and damp. They occur on areas of the body that have these characteristics: the groin, inner thighs and buttocks. This infection occurs mostly in summer or in warm, wet countries and areas.

Ringworm. It is an infection that is caused by a fungus that dwells in tissues that are dead, such as the skin, nails and hair.