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My sister had a c section, her wound is now very bad, it has pus and blood, she had a operation to rempve the pus, now its still not healed and the doctor says he doesnt know what it is


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pus and blood from wound can be due to various factors...poor immunity of patient, infection or some collection under the skin...does she have fever or its just wound discharge.can be exactly told after seeing patient


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she needs to be examined and evaluated by the dr properly ...may need injectable antibiotics and proper care for wound ...so it's better to get her examined



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Please consult another doctor so that it is treated. Where do you reside?


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Hey, Thank you for responding,
She had a C section in july 042-32591427, , but the wound still have infection, the pus and blood still comes out, she also had a operation to remove the pus, but it still has pus and blood, doctor asked her to keep it clean, but he says he doesn't know when it will get healed, should I attach a picture of the wound so you can understand better? No she doesn't have fever. Its been almost an year and its still not healed

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dear such non healing wound with pus may indicate a foreign body in abdomen,so better to habe her ultrasound pelvis done to see cause.and culture and sensitivity should also b done of pus

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Ask the attending doctor to take wound swab...send tht for histopath...once it is known tht wt pathogen is involved then targetted treatment becums easy...
Good luck

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