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Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is often considered as a condition but in fact, its a root cause of so many diseases like hypertension, diabetes and various heart diseases. weight loss surgery is an effective tool for the obese people to cherish long-term weight-loss and It also helps to improve their overall lifestyle. Talking about the results of weight loss surgery, studies show that more than 90 percent of the people who previously experienced severe obesity are successfully maintaining 50 percent or more of their excess weight loss after their weight loss surgery. Further studies also revealed that people who have had bariatric surgery have a lower risk of death than individuals affected by obesity who do not have surgery. If you feel you are obese, want to reduce weight and live a healthy life, bariatric surgery is the perfect solution for you.

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Weight loss surgery is not for everyone. Doctors recommend this surgery only to those patients who are facing conditions like: 1. Who have Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or more than that. 2. Who have a BMI between 35-40 but suffering from a serious health issue which is directly related to obesity like hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases. 3. Who are unable to lose weight by nonsurgical ways like exercise and diet.

Normal problems related to weight loss surgery include: 1. Vomiting from eating excessively too rapidly and not chewing well. 2. Constipation 3. Nutrition inadequacies, for example anemia and osteoporosis. Likewise, with any surgery, wound diseases can happen up to three weeks after surgery. These can be treated with antibiotics, and sometimes require further surgery.

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