Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Atiq Ul Mannan Pulmonologist / Lung Specialist Multan

Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Atiq Ul Mannan

Pulmonologist / Lung Specialist - پھیپھڑوں کے سپیشلسٹ ڈاکٹر

| MBBS | MCPS | FCPS ( Pulmonology) | MD (USA) | DTCD (Diploma in TB & Chest Diseases) |

Assistant Professor

12 Yrs Experience

Patient Questions from Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Atiq Ul Mannan

Asking For Father, Male 52

Heart Problem, Breathing Issue, Weakness, Dizziness

Mere father ka heart problem hai unhein saans lene mein problem hota hai aur winters mein ziada pareshani hoti hai jese abhi unhein bht kamzori horhi hai and khare hone per chakkar aate hain. and walk krne per bht ziada saans phulta...

Asking For Brother, Male 17

Lungs Ma Pus Ho Gai Hai

plural fluids C/E ki report attached hai plz report check kr dy

Asking For Self, Male 41

Pulmonary Problem

I have been suffering from flu, sore throat and chest conjestion. sever cough followed by vomiting has made me almost psycho.... It's very old problem . Though I have visited many doctors but the issue continues..

Asking For Self, Female 32

Palpitations And Shortness Of Bretah

i have had palpitaions along with shortness of breath for a month. i had it in November 2020. then January 2021 and now again in June. i feel it as soon as i wake up in morning i feel it at rest when im sitting too. i checked ecg i...

Asking For Self, Male 23


AOA. I was diagnosed with pulmonary TB (mild infection) based on HRCT chest & T.Spot Blood Test. I have completed my 6 month ATT on Dec 25, 2020. After that I did AFB smear Sputum Test from Shaukat Khanum Lab. It was negative. I re...

Asking for Self, Male, 28 years old

Breathing Problem

Aoa. Last year i had severe cough and breathing problem and visited a pulmonologist. She recommended me venticort with myteka. And my tests show vit D level 10 and ige level 440. I took med for 3 months and felt better. Now fro...

Asking for Other, Male, 3 years old

Incorrect Cbc

Slaam. My son is havimg chronic cough since mid December. Dr recommended CBC. He was having flu also when they took blood for test. His blood results are showing low neutrophils and high lymphocytes. Can you please guide me on this?...

Asking For Self, Female 19

Ashtma Allergy

mene yeh mdcns khai But 15 dayz bad phr sy allergy shuro hogai inhaler sy b tabiyat nhi thk huti

Asking For Self, Female 19

Ashtma Allergy

mjy 12 year ki age my asthma diagnose hua Ma ab tak 4 specialist ko dikha chuki last one sy 2 year tak allergy nhi hui but now I am in bad condition Phly mjy night my huti thi allergy but ab Morning py huti Dr gave me allergy tabs...

Asking for Father, Male, 46 years old


My father having cough , Difficulty in breathing and a Doctor tells (after seeing the Report of HRCT Scan Chest ) that Lung are shrinking.

Asking For someone else, Male, 65 years old

Iung Infection (ILD)

Every moment breathing problems. Walking or even Nimaz parna mushkil hai local Dr, se consult kiya hai unho ny lunges mein pani btaya hai..please sir guide me and suggest me?

Asking for Self, Male, 35 years old

Cough N Wheezing

Assalam o alaikum I am 35 , male , i have cough since last 2 months which comes n goes no fever no breathing issue but now I start wheezing from today alsonhaving some pain at the centre of my chest but may be that’s because of co...

Asking for Father, Male, 76 years old

Intersitial Lung Disease

Need to.knw any center in pakistan with lung transplant facility

Asking for Wife, Male, 26 years old

Lung Infection

She was Diagnosed With Chest Infection Almost 6Months earlier in Gilgit. Docto Thought it to be Tb so she was taking TB Medication for last 6 months but no improvement in X-ray. Nowadays she is in Karachi consulting with Dr. Muhamm...

Asking for Mother, Female, 51 years old

Lungs Infection

My mother have lungs infection as per Dr diagnoses, and last time we checked the lungs were 60% damaged, now i want to know if there's any possibility to recover without transplant? And also transplant cost? Thank You.

Asking for Self, Female, 20 years old

Pain In The Chest

I have been feeling a slight pain only upon touching as if the upper chest is swollen. Alos the pain in my upper back and neck. I also feel itching around niples sometimes. I feel these things on and off but for a while now i am hav...

Asking for Mother, Female, 62 years old

Lump In Breast

We did ultrasound My mother have a hard lump in right breast 1.8mm but no swelling in underarm doc advise us to remove that lump for test is it save kindly help

Asking for Other, Female, 4.4 years old

Severe Cough

My daughter has cough since two weeks. We went to two doctors (child specialist) for consultation. One has diagnosed it as an allergy. While the other doctor has diagnosed it as a whooping cough(kali khansi) They both recommended d...

Asking For Mother, Female 45

Plz Help....!!

Assalamualikum..please some one tell me especially pulmonalogist, what is in the pleural tap report and what is the cause of this.?how to stop it from reoccurring.. please??

Asking for Self, Female, 36 years old

Coughing. Problem In Breath Taking

salam dr i am suffering with coughing issue. first this problem start with sneezing then soar throat and after that coughing its not normal coughing.when i eat any cold thing like ice cream or take any fizzy drink or eat youghrt or...